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The Roblox platform, this virtual world that appeals to pre-teens

When it comes to video games, parents often lag behind. No sooner had they discovered the latest trending title than their children had already moved on. The game, or rather the platform, which has attracted 8-13 year olds the most in recent months, is no longer Fortnite or Minecraft, but Roblox, a virtual world where they can play, “hang out” and discuss.

As in the case of Fortnite, the games are available there for free and you have to pay to access the bonuses. And, like in Minecraft, players can create. But with Roblox, they design the games themselves. This is the originality of the platform. Thanks to its programming software, everyone can invent a game, following a predefined model or else freely, then share it with other players, with free or paid access.

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The site offers millions of games of all kinds inspired by existing titles and trendy series, with characters similar to those of Lego and garish colors. Léandre, 12, appreciates having access “To action and adventure games” who feature their favorite manga heroes, “Dragon Ball Z and Naruto” but also of “ play with friends. “

Build a “metavers”

The community is the other strong point of this collaborative platform which attracts nearly 150 million users per month. Young people meet there to play and also to share moments, via their avatar. Roblox’s ambition is to build a “metavers”, that is to say a parallel world where everyone can lead a virtual existence. Some games it offers, such asBrookhaven, are content to recreate a daily universe where everyone can just wander.

This concept is harmful? ” At this point there is no risk of derealization, that is, altering the experience of reality, but it may be the case when the techniques are more immersive with headsets. virtual reality “, says Michaël Stora, psychologist and founder of the Observatory of digital worlds in the human sciences. “The risk with Roblox, as with other video games, is above all addiction, when the pleasure of the game clogs a real pain. It’s a trend that I see in my work. Morethe reality of a teenager becomes complicated to face, the more he will be tempted to take refuge in these digital worlds. “


In our opinion

Roblox stands out from its competitors by its creative dimension and its plethora of offerings. These games are not, a priori, more dangerous than the others. But it is advisable to remain cautious because the platform also makes it possible to lead a virtual existence.


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