‘The reverse side of technology’ – an overview and thorough perspective of the 4.0 era

People know how to use coal, develop strongly mineral exploitation, but change natural conditions and change climate, many natural disasters cause humanity, … are the downside of technology. .

Book The flip side of technology by author Peter Townsend, translated by translator Que Chi, National The Truth Publishing House has just won the 3rd National Book Prize B – providing more research papers to clarify the nature of technology and the negative effects of technology on human life and society, thereby helping us to raise awareness and take actions and solutions to minimize its downside.

The book has just received the 3rd National Book Award.

With 15 chapters, the book’s content has specifically mentioned the negative impacts and negative effects of technology such as: the fact that people know how to use coal, strongly develop mineral exploitation, but change natural conditions and climate change, many natural disasters cause mankind; inventions and inventions related to writing, paper, leather, antibiotics, movies, social networks … in addition to the enormous benefits brought to people, there are also negative effects to the people. health, safety, life skills and culture of members of society …

Also in the book’s content, the author warns, technology can bring many benefits to production and life, but should not be completely dependent and passive before technology, it is necessary to forecast risks and take measures. measures to prevent challenges, the downside that technology brings about, both due to human greed as well as inadequate understanding of technology.

After nearly years of research, contemplation, as well as participation in diverse activities in academic, industrial and national laboratories in more than 15 subject areas Peter Townsend wrote the book. The flip side of technology with theoretical depth and practical experience.

The book gives readers an overview, clarity, insight and clarity about the major trends going on, providing you with a way to think about and analyze historical changes due to the public. technology created so that we can work together to ensure that the benefits of technology are shared equally for the common prosperity of our people. In addition, the book’s content also contributes to raising awareness about the impact of the fourth revolution in general and the impact of technology in particular in Vietnam.

With a logical, concise and highly generalized presentation, the book highlights the most core issues as well as the fundamental impact of technology on a developing country like Vietnam. It can be said that, while the whole world is trying to prepare in all aspects for the stormy “onslaught” of the 4.0 revolution, this is a useful reference document, providing up-to-date knowledge. timely response to the needs of readers.

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