The revealing video continued to appear on YouTube

02/02/2021 16:33 GMT + 7

Videos revealing lingerie, showing off their breasts, continue to be produced steadily on YouTube without age restrictions.

Anh Binh (Ho Chi Minh City) just surfed the YouTube app and complained: “Why are these offensive videos on YouTube?”. Then he pointed to a video of a channel called P…, in which a girl in black penetrating, seeing her full chest, was teaching cooking. Particularly the sensitive part of the breast seems to have been glued.

The girl showed off the whole round 1 through penetrating outfits. (Image cut from clip)

“This video has no age limit, you can still watch it without signing in. If it does not violate YouTube policy then it should also be age restricted, not so publicly broadcast. How can children see it? ”, Mr. Binh expressed dissatisfaction.

“Every time I watch these videos, I dislike, report it but YouTube doesn’t seem to listen to me”, Mr. Binh continued.

Channel P. has steadily produced cooking videos and many other videos from last year to present. In the latest video less than a day ago, a girl wearing a bra with a deep cut, instructions to cook honey chicken breast. In the video, the girl repeatedly bent down, the camera shot a close-up of the bra that was quite offensive.

The most recent videos have tens of thousands of views. Previous videos have hundreds, even more than 8 million views. In the 7 most viewed videos of this girl, there are views of over 1 million views, 3 million, and more than 8 million views.

All the videos that watch a lot have a common motif: the girl shows off her massive bust, plus eating poses, holding erotic food. In many clips, the girl does not wear a shirt, leaving sensitive parts printed on the shirt. There is a video of this girl holding a spring roll in her hand and eating it with a difficult expression.

Many videos that follow this trend are produced every day. The channels portray “Vietnamese woman’s life”, “rural girl”, and single mother (single mom) abused on YouTube. There is a channel that produces a few videos a day, describing the girls’ lives, mainly aimed at revealing the view.

In a clip posted on January 29, it describes a girl at the market, eating ice cream. When entering the supermarket, the girl pretended to bend over to choose the clothes, the camera recorded the scene of the underwear inside. After that, the girl went to the children’s play area, ate ice cream, and sometimes changed her position to reveal the sensitive part under the skirt.

The revealing video continued to appear on YouTube
Video one day ago, the girl deliberately bent down to reveal her underwear. (Image cut from clip)

Another video shows a number of ways for women to wear clothes, but deliberately show off their breasts, reveal their panties, …

On the videos that PV ICTnews mentioned above all show advertisements of major brands, including products for the Tet season. In addition, in the comments section of some videos someone will submit advertising links for dating sites, but the display looks like the porn web.

In many videos about single moms that PV learned a few weeks ago, channel owners will use YouTube as an introduction, then redirect viewers to other websites where paid content is available.

On P.’s channel, the girl with oversized round 1 also has a few videos that are only available to registered members to watch. The membership level of this channel’s YouTube membership is about 60,000 VND / month.

Notably, these videos have English names, many with English subtitles to reach more groups of viewers from abroad.

Reporter ICTnews is contacting Google representative in Vietnam to ask for more information about this.


The trend of 'single mom' videos reveals underwear back to YouTube

The trend of ‘single mom’ videos reveals underwear back to YouTube

Many videos deliberately reveal lingerie, sensitive parts of women, which are being “fed” by advertising on YouTube. These videos are available in Vietnamese and are aimed at overseas markets.


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