The resilience plan presented by the government “is going in the right direction”, according to the Union of local businesses

The resilience plan raises the borrowing ceiling for companies from 25% of their turnover to 35%.

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Dominique Métayer, president of the Union of local businesses (U2P), asks Wednesday March 16 on franceinfo for measures “case by case” to cope with rising fuel prices. The resilience plan, announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex “going in the right direction”believes Dominique Métayer but, according to him, “We absolutely have to be able to discuss” with the government to “find appropriate measures given the diversity of our businesses”.

The ceiling that companies can borrow will increase from 25% of their turnover to 35%, detailed Jean Castex. This will allow them “to cope in the event of difficulty in repaying their maturities in the coming months”he justified.

Dominique Métayer greets “taking into account the problems that accumulate with regard to small businesses” but ensures that the measures announced “are certainly incomplete compared to what we could estimate, compared to the extent of the crisis as we know it and as it could worsen tomorrow.”

“We want devices that are not complicated for our VSEs and above all that it is fast so as not to start the activity of these companies throughout the territory”indicates the president of the U2P. “We will have to think about slightly different modes of intervention, reorganize, but in any case, that will not be enough despite everything to overcome the difficulties. It is absolutely necessary that in complementarity, we find solutions.

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