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The remains of 17 French soldiers were handed over to the French army, lost their lives in the First World War

Remains of Missing French Soldiers: The remains of 17 missing French soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of Gallipoli during World War I were handed over to French army officers on Sunday. He was buried with other martyred soldiers more than a century after his death.

His remains were found during repair work in a fort and surrounding area on the Sanakkalé peninsula, northwest of Turkey. Allied forces fought in this area during the Gallipoli campaign against the Ottoman Turks. They started reaching the peninsula from 25 April 1915.

Previously there was only one identity which was Captain Paul Roman

Colonel Philippe Boulogne paid tribute at a relics handover ceremony to soldiers who laid down their lives guarding their homeland in this remote region. He said that the Zouves (Light-Infantry Corps) and Riflemen from Senegal, Algeria, Legionnaires, 10,000 French and Colonial soldiers had sacrificed their lives. Of these 17 French soldiers, the only one previously identified was Captain Paul Roman, who belonged to the 1st Engineering Regiment.

At the same time, the election for the post of President is going on in France. This happens in two stages. The first phase took place on 10 April. The second and last phase of voting took place today. After this, the results can be announced on 25 April i.e. tomorrow. After the results are out, the new President will be sworn in before May 13.

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