The reason why many people get severe dengue fever

High fever but do not go to the doctor, self-treat at home; or cure without re-examination, ignoring warning signs makes many dengue cases worse.

Doctor Pham Van Quang, Head of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Children’s Hospital 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, said there are many reasons why people with dengue fever get worse.

First, people lack knowledge about dengue fever, so they miss the early and most favorable stage of treatment. When there are signs of high fever – characteristic of the disease, they do not go to the doctor early but treat themselves at home. Or there are people who have been diagnosed with dengue fever by a doctor, make a follow-up appointment as indicated, but they do not comply. In many cases, it is subjective, thinking that the fever is gone and the disease is cured. However, after the high fever phase is the most dangerous period. When there were severe signs such as lethargy, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, severe abdominal pain… just admitted to the hospital, the patient was in shock.

At this time, the patient faces the risk of death from deep shock, multi-organ damage such as heart failure, liver, kidney, gastrointestinal bleeding… Most of the patients survive, but some cases progress quickly. , is heavy beyond the doctor’s ability to resuscitate, the patient will die, Dr. Quang said.

In addition, a person can have dengue fever four times, with four circulating strains (designated DEN1, DEN2, DEN3 and DEN4) of the dengue virus that cause the disease. In particular, the following diseases will be more severe than the previous ones, due to the influence of cross-immunity, causing a stronger inflammatory response (cytokine storm). However, most patients will recover on their own after 5-7 days, if detected early. Patients can be treated as outpatients and monitored at local medical facilities, mainly for symptomatic treatment.

“Fortunately, dengue fever usually leaves no sequelae,” said Dr. Quang, on June 25.

Dr. Pham Manh Hung, deputy director of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City, added that dengue fever can occur at any age, from infants to older children, to adults, but it is rare in the elderly. People who are overweight, obese, have underlying diseases, pregnant women… are at risk of severe disease and more complications.

Doctor Pham Van Quang examines an infant with dengue shock. Image: English Letters

To avoid serious complicationsDoctors recommend that when people have a fever, people should not buy medicine or self-treat. If you have a fever for 2-3 days or more, you should immediately think of dengue fever and go to a medical facility for examination and diagnosis.

For children with fever above 38.5 degrees Celsius (outpatient treatment), use paracetamol 10-15mg/kg/time, 3-4 times/day, cool with warm water when fever is high. In addition, the patient should drink a lot of water, easy to digest liquid food and avoid red, black brown food (to avoid confusion with hemorrhage).

Once diagnosed with dengue fever, the patient must follow the doctor’s follow-up schedule every 12 hours or daily. Note, when the patient’s fever is gone, the more closely monitoring signs are required. Family members need to know the warning signs of the disease, including fever, lethargy, fatigue, cold hands and feet, skin rashes, little urine, abdominal pain, vomiting a lot, bleeding teeth, menorrhagia in women, black stools… to take the patient to the hospital right away.

Currently, there is no specific treatment or vaccine for dengue fever, so the doctor reminded people to actively prevent the epidemic by killing mosquitos and mosquitos – the transmission route of the disease. In addition, people need to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, such as sleeping under a mosquito net even during the day, using mosquito repellent cream.

By the end of June 24, the whole country recorded about 77,000 cases of dengue fever, an increase of more than 10,000 cases compared to the previous week, 30 deaths.

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