The reason why it’s cold, the more water you need to drink

In the cold season, the humidity is low, the body loses more water through urine and respiration; In addition, cold weather creates favorable conditions for viruses to develop, the body lacks water, the immune system will be weakened, easy to get sick.

Doctor Tran Hoa An, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, Campus 3 shared: In the hot season, the body often sweats to help cool the body. When it’s cold, instead of sweating, the body will urinate more. Dry weather causes the body to lose about 0.6-0.9 liters of water per day in the mucous membranes of the pharynx, respiratory tract, eyes and skin.

According to Dr An, there are four reasons that show the importance of adding water in the cold season. The firstWhether it’s hot or cold season, water still plays a very important role in the body, accounting for 60-70% of body weight. The circulatory system has enough water to circulate to ensure adequate nutrition and immunity for the entire body. Water excretes toxic substances from the body through urine, feces and sweat. Thanks to water, new body fluids are formed such as joint fluid, digestive tract fluid, saliva, tears, respiratory fluid… Skin supplied with an adequate amount of water will be elastic and healthy. than.

SecondThe cold season usually has low humidity, so the amount of water loss also increases. Especially when there is a lot of wind, water loss increases. You feel “dry” and lose a large amount of water through the skin, respiratory tract, eyes. Dr An said: “Water is lost through the skin silently without us noticing”. The skin becomes dry, when rubbing with a hard object, you can see a milky white line, which is the dead cells peeling off, the skin may even crack. Large amounts of water are also lost through the respiratory tract. There is a layer of mucus on the surface of the respiratory tract from the nose to the bronchi, which will dry out if the weather is low in humidity.

In addition, the mucous membranes of the pharynx and eyes also need a certain amount of fluid for lubrication, called secretions, and they also evaporate when the humidity is low. Prolonged dry eye can damage the cornea and cause vision loss.

Tuesday, the cold season is often a good environment for viruses to grow and the body will be infected if the immune system is weakened. The body’s immune system has many components, in which the role of water is very important. Water helps the metabolism and metabolism to take place smoothly, thereby helping to strengthen the whole body’s immune system. Respiratory fluid not only helps to warm and humidify the air, it also contains surface antibodies, which help destroy pathogens such as viruses, and prevent dust and harmful substances from the environment from entering. Lack of these epidemics will create a favorable environment for the virus to have more opportunities to attack us.

Tears, in addition to helping to prevent the eye from drying out, also contain surface antibodies. Lack of tears not only causes dry eyes, causing damage to the cornea and conjunctiva, but also easily infected with viruses that cause eye diseases.

Wednesday, when lack of water, the body will have a thirst response to signal us; In the cold season, the feeling of coolness causes the body to reduce this reflex. When the body lacks a lot of water, it signals us. Therefore, in the cold season, “don’t let thirst to drink”.

Some signs that can signal that the body is lacking water include: feeling thirsty; feeling of dry nose and throat, dry eyes, cracked lips; the skin becomes dry, scaly, cracked, darkened, wrinkled; feeling lightheaded, dark, dizzy; urinating less, dark urine, constipation; prone to cramps. In addition, you can also see tachycardia, palpitations, low blood pressure, memory loss…

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