The reason why Elon Musk is often misunderstood

According to a former SpaceX employee, the reputation surrounding Elon Musk actually stems from the fact that the public does not understand when he is joking and when to tell the truth.

“We saw him differently when he worked. I think people have had an incorrect view of Elon Musk,” said Hans Koenigsmann, a former vice president of SpaceX, who works at this aerospace corporation. for 19 years before retiring this past January, sharing with Business Insider.

Is the richest person in the world with a fortune of approx 300 billion USD, every move of Elon Musk is always of public interest. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX owns a Twitter account with 61.5 million followers. He often publishes articles that stir up public opinion, causing the stock and cryptocurrency markets to rise and fall rapidly.

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Elon Musk appeared as a host on the comedy show Saturday Night Live in May. Photo: NBC.

However, from the perspective of colleagues, much of this is because people do not understand when Musk is joking and when he is telling the truth.

“He also jokes in meetings, but obviously those are jokes. I think in public it is difficult for people to realize that Musk is joking or really means it,” Koenigsmann said.

In the past, Musk has tweeted misinformation about Covid-19, including saying that children are basically “immune” to the virus and that governments implementing blockade measures are “fascist” policies.

Koenigsmann admits there are articles where he disagrees with the SpaceX founder, however, “in many cases, I feel like people don’t understand Musk.”

At work, the former SpaceX vice president revealed that Musk places his trust in employees and expects everyone to come up with their own views on physical situations. Thanks to that, a person who knows little about rockets like Musk quickly learns a lot through the operation of the company.

Most recently, Elon Musk surprised financial investors with his decision to poll Twitter users about the sale of 10% of his shares in Tesla, equivalent to 25 billion USD according to the data of Yahoo Finance.

He was serious when he confirmed that he would follow the majority vote. After 24 hours, more than 3.5 million people participated in Elon Musk’s poll, about 57.9% supported the Tesla CEO selling 10% of the shares in the company, the rest opposed this plan.

This is one of the most voted polls on Twitter, reaching over 120,000 likes and 50,000 comments. It’s unclear how Musk will ultimately accomplish this.

Forbes said that if Musk sold out 10% of Tesla shares at the same time, the stock market would suffer a great deal. With more valuable assets 20 billion USD, the tax that the richest man in the world has to pay to the US government is up to billions of dollars.

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