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Pizza is high in refined carbs, sodium and saturated fat, which if eaten in large quantities is not beneficial for people with diabetes.

People with diabetes are advised to follow a nutrient-rich diet, choosing foods that contain protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Patients should avoid or reduce their consumption of certain sugary foods and drinks, refined grains, and sweets, including pizza. Here are some reasons diabetics should only eat pizza in small quantities Healthline (America).

Contains lots of refined carbs

Carbs are macronutrients that have a big effect on blood sugar levels. Usually, whether you have diabetes or not, your doctor will recommend limiting your intake of too many refined carbs, including the white flour used to make pizza crust. Particularly, people with blood sugar management problems such as diabetics need to pay attention to the amount of starch consumed.

Diets high in refined carbs and quickly processed foods like pizza increase the risk of diabetes, fasting blood sugar, higher A1c test scores according to Healthline.

Pizza is high in sodium, refined carbs. Image: Freepik

Lots of sodium

Pizza contains a lot of sodium, which is not good for some people, especially those with diabetes. People with diabetes mostly have high blood pressure and salt intake has a big impact.

Contains a lot of saturated fat

Two slices (200 g) of cheese pizza provide 10 g of saturated fat. While diets high in saturated fat have been shown to worsen diabetes complications. Saturated fat complicates insulin resistance and negatively affects blood sugar management.

Follow HealthlineIf you like to eat pizza, people with diabetes can eat and balance their pizza consumption with other nutrient-rich, high-fiber foods. Depending on the type, thickness of the crust, the size of the slice and the toppings, people with diabetes should only eat 1-2 servings of pizza about 100g at a time and should only eat it once a week. You can choose pizzas with lots of grilled vegetables such as zucchini, peppers, olives, sun-dried tomatoes. Whole grain shells or shells made with almond meal or cauliflower can also increase fiber intake.

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