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The punishment for playing music on marriage in Afghanistan, Talibanis put 13 people to death

Taliban killed people over Music: After the occupation of Afghanistan, the brutality of the Taliban is not decreasing. Recently a surprising case has come to the fore. Taliban fighters killed 13 people for playing music at a wedding. This latest case is of Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. At the same time, former Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh has given this information through his social media.

Amrullah Saleh wrote on Twitter, ‘Taliban fighters killed 13 people while playing music at a wedding party in Nangarhar. We cannot express our anger by condemning. For 25 years, Pakistan trained them to destroy Afghan culture and establish a hardline ISI rule by occupying our soil. who are doing their job now. The brutal rule of the Taliban will not last long. Unfortunately, by the end of this regime, the people of Afghanistan will have to pay the price.

Let us tell you that between 1996 and 2001, when Afghanistan was ruled by the Taliban, they had banned music. However, the new government has not yet issued any such order.

There is an atmosphere of concern in the whole world regarding the situation in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has been occupied by the Taliban. There is an atmosphere of concern in the whole world about the situation in Afghanistan after the occupation of Taliban. At the same time, during the entire rescue operation that lasted from August 15 to August 30, about one and a half lakh people were taken out of the country. At present, embassies of most countries have gone from Afghanistan, including India. After the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, people are most afraid of the autocratic and chaotic rule of the Taliban. People fear that the Taliban may once again try to impose Sharia law in the country.

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