The Prom: Meryl Streep & Nicole Kidman, Unchained Saturday Night Fairies on Netflix

CRITICAL – In this frenzied Ryan Murphy’s musical, superstars do their best to save a teen’s prom. The opportunity also to discover the rising star Ariana DeBose, future star of West Side Story by Spielberg.

Like Janus, two beings cohabit in the prolific creator of series, Ryan Murphy. The cynic sees the worst in human nature and draws bloody tales from it. American Crime Story or Ratched . The artichoke heart weaves tangy tales: Glee, the film Eat Pray Love and, since Friday on Netflix, The Prom. Adapted from the successful play of the same name, this musical sees him forge new and prestigious collaborations. Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman who had nevertheless sworn that they would not be taken back since Mamma mia and red Mill, sing the song, even rap and whirl around in frenzied and spangled choreographies worthy of Saturday night fever.

With self-deprecation, the stars play a cheesy Broadway diva and backing vocalist. In search of publicity to revive their career, they decide to come to the aid of Emma, ​​a teenager deprived of a prom because of her homosexuality. New York artists and their acolytes (James Corden and Andrew Rannells) clash in the Indiana town of Emma who just asks to be able to dance with her girlfriend Alyssa, daughter of the very conservative head of the parents of pupils, Mme Green (Kerry Washington).

The possibility of happiness

Kitsch and devilishly involving, with let’s face it, an escalation of good feelings, The Prom administers “A sparkling dose of optimism”, as Ariana DeBose, aka Alyssa, points out. The 29-year-old actress, who will wear in 2021 the remake of West Side Story, signed Steven Spielberg, is part of the revelations of this film with Jo Ellen Pellman (Emma). She has fond memories of this “Surreal experience”. “I had seen The Prom three times on Broadway. Discovering on stage a young girl of color and LGBT, like me, touched me a lot. But Ryan Murphy was able to develop the relationship between my character, Alyssa, and her mother, and shows how a reconciliation between them is possible ”, she congratulates herself. And to emphasize: “It reaffirms the possibility of the triumph of love. And, with the year that has passed, we really need it… ”


On the set, despite her poor filmography, the young actress was one of the most seasoned dancers and was able to guide Meryl Streep. “For me, the game is not all about lines. Dance is a form of expression that says just as much as words and can create just as much empathy. And in my case I express myself better through my movements than by speaking», Confides to Figaro Ariana DeBose who says she discovered her vocation as an artist after a dance solo in high school.

The actress still does not return to have participated in quick succession in the two most anticipated musicals of the moment. “I was in the middle of filming West Side Story when the auditions for The Prom have started. I liked the piece so much that I had to try“. The process was unexpected. “Ryan Murphy had me experiment with Jo Ellen Pellman to see if we were compatible. Then he asked us to do the scene without looking at each other! After that he took me aside for a long conversation and asked me to tell him about my experiences as a young queer woman, my aspirations.“. “If there is one thing that The Prom taught me by working with such Hollywood legends is that you can be talented, generous, honest and straightforward. It is very comforting», She concludes. “If we can’t talk to people anymore, it’s a sign that we have to stop“.


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