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You can see

Mano de Obra , drama by David Zonana, 1h23

A worker falls from the roof of the house he was building. The foreman claims he was drunk. The man was not drinking. The victim’s wife is hoping for compensation. The brother, Francisco, decides to take revenge. The means he will employ are not blatantly legal. As with Marcel Aymé, David Zonana shows that poverty makes people stupid and mean. In Mano de Obra, its proletarians are as ugly as the well-to-do, deep down. This Parasite Mexican version, the first film of flawless mastery, displays a serene pessimism, a squeaky lucidity. Poverty has no borders. Pettiness reigns, in the odors of plaster and cement.

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Enraged , thriller by Derrick Borte, 1h30

Rachel’s bad meeting is going to turn into hell. If the script remains simple, the intensity of Derrick Borte’s film surprises with its effectiveness. In the casting, Caren Pistorius never lets down his guard and draws on all his resources to avoid the worst. Violent, impressive, Russell Crowe proves once again that he is a great actor, even in an unprecedented role. Bleeding or with fists, Enraged does not take half measures. Entertainment guaranteed.

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Cute , dramatic comedy by Maïmouna Doucouré, 1h35

They are four, like the musketeers. Amy is eleven years old. Her father is going to remarry. The situation does not delight him. She prefers to hook up with a bunch of sassy kids, dressed as strippers who are preparing a dance competition with suggestive poses. Not their age, all that. A pre-adolescent girl is looking for herself, trapped between the prejudices of her family and the sassy customs of her girlfriends. We are far from The party. The schoolgirls move their ass with a touching innocence.

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD, FILMOTV, Arte Boutique and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

Teenage girls , documentary by Sébastien Lifshitz, 2h15

For five years, Sébastien Lifshitz filmed Anaïs and Emma until they were 18. The result is not so exciting, perhaps because the two friends of Brive give themselves little. Probably also because adolescence is not such an interesting age. ” Basically, I’m the girl who shouts, talks badly to her mother and has no friends Emma said lucidly as she discovered the film. From the same director, The Invisibles, on old homosexuals, was much stronger.

>> Available on Orange, FILMOTV, CanalVOD and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

The Prom , Ryan Murphy’s musical, 2:11

In this frenzied Ryan Murphy’s musical, the superstars do their best to save a teen’s prom. The opportunity also to discover the rising star Ariana DeBose, future star of West Side Story by Spielberg. With self-mockery, Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman play a nerdy Broadway diva and backing vocalist. In search of publicity to revive their career, they decide to come to the aid of Emma, ​​a teenager deprived of prom because of her homosexuality. Kitsch and devilishly involving, with let’s face it, an escalation of good feelings, The Prom administers “A sparkling dose of optimism” as Ariana DeBose points out.

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Yakari, the movie , cartoon by Toby Genkel and Xavier Giacometti, 1h23

After the series, the little Indian imagined by Job and Derib goes from the comic book box to the cinema screen. More than a literal adaptation of an album, the film goes back to its origins, when, thanks to the pen of Grand Aigle, Yakari learns to talk to animals and to tame a wild mustang, Petit tonnerre. Beautiful like a new Sioux.

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD, FILMOTV and Univers Ciné from 9.99 euros

Light of my Life , science fiction film by Casey Affleck, 1h59

With Light of My Life, Casey Affleck imagines a world where women have been wiped out by a mysterious virus. He plays a worried father protecting his preteen daughter, Rag (Anna Pniowsky), whose hair he cut to make her look like a boy. She miraculously survived, unlike her mother, Elisabeth Moss, who appears in fleeting flashbacks. Affleck stages an end of the world that drags on, an anti-spectacular dystopia, far from the canons of American blockbusters. This slowness does not exclude a hidden threat, on the contrary. In this world without women, there are almost only violent men with uninhibited misogyny. We think of The road, Leave No Trace and Without a sound, but the film traces its own path and, while keeping a minimalist note, ends up ripping out the heart.

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To avoid

White riot , documentary by Rubika Shah, 1h20

Great Britain, at the end of the 1970s, Martin Webster’s National Front made its first victims in rock: Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and David Bowie. Rock Against Racism activists try to stop the slaughter with a zine and leaflets. An anecdotal subject that would have benefited from being treated in fiction, in the manner of the excellent This Is England, by Shane Meadows.

>> Available on Orange, FILMOTV, CanalVOD and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

I’m your woman , thriller by Julia Hart, 2h00

Jean runs away from her husband Eddie with his child. But until when ? How far ? And who is this Cal come to help him in his frantic race? Lots of questions in this thriller set in the 1970s. Too many perhaps for a film that will decline for two long hours. The ambitions were great: to tell a dependent woman who frees herself, to see her transform. Despite the presence of Rachel Brosnahan (The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel), the viewer never believes it. And is bored.

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Why not them

A hint of love , drama by Paul Vecchiali, 1h32

Geneviève Garland, a famous actress, rehearses Andromache de Racine, with her husband André as a partner. She feels a deep discomfort to interpret this character and gives up her role to her friend Isabelle who is also the mistress of her husband. Geneviève goes with her sick son to her native village. She seems to be running away from certain realities that are difficult to admit.

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

Alone , thriller by John Hyams, 1h38

Jessica has just lost her husband. She moves to another city, eager to start a new life. She realizes that she is being followed by a mysterious man. Soon, she finds herself locked in an isolated cabin in the middle of nature …

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD and Univers Ciné from 3.99 euros

Spontaneous , fantasy comedy by Brian Duffield, 1h37

The students of a high school in New Jersey are victims of an epidemic of spontaneous combustion.

>> Available on Orange from 11.99 euros

Beautiful girl , comedy by Méliane Marcaggi, 1h36

Discovering that her husband is cheating on her, Louise decides to finally think about her and leaves to decompress in Corsica for a weekend. She spends a crazy night with a handsome stranger … Only one since, in the early morning, he does not wake up. Andréa, the mother of this one, arrives on the scene and immediately takes Louise for the daughter-in-law she has always dreamed of! Trapped, Louise will have to play the role of the ideal daughter-in-law for a few days. Problem: her new mother-in-law doesn’t want to let go of her anymore …

>> Available on Orange, FILMOTV, CanalVOD and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

Lucy In The Sky , drama by Noah Hawley, 2:05

An astronaut returns from a space mission and struggles to regain her life and her apparent perfect American dream.

>> Available on Orange and CanalVOD from 9.99 euros


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