The price of iPhone 12 Pro Max has dropped sharply, the dual SIM version is still high

11/17/2020 09:05 GMT + 7

After a few days of stocking, the selling price of iPhone 12 Pro Max has dropped sharply compared to before, the dual SIM version remains high.

iPhone 12 Pro Max, the most advanced version of the iPhone 2020 line, just returned to Vietnam last weekend. Compared with the price of more than 50 million VND on the first day, the current price of iPhone 12 Pro Max has decreased a lot.

Accordingly, iPhone 12 Pro Max is currently selling at 34.99 million (128GB), 38.99 million (256GB), 41.99 million VND (512GB). Depending on the store, this selling price may differ slightly.

The first iPhone 12 Pro Max returned to Vietnam. (Photo: Hai Dang)

However, the above price only applies to iPhone with 1 physical SIM and one eSIM, mainly imported from Singapore. Meanwhile, the 2-SIM physical version is priced higher by some stores from 5-8 million per version.

Specifically, the iPhone 12 Pro Max 2 physical SIM is currently priced at 39.99 million (128GB), 44.5 million (256GB), 49.99 million (512GB). These machines are distributed to the Hong Kong market.

In theory, the physical 1 SIM or 2 SIM machines do not differ in quality. They both support 2 SIMs operating in parallel, but eSIM is required to register / unsubscribe with the carrier, while the other version users are free to change SIM.

Apple launches iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini on November 13 in Apple Store countries. Apple’s most expensive machine returned to Vietnam on the same day, but the iPhone 12 Mini just arrived in Vietnam last night.

The source of iPhone 12 Mini is still not diverse. Machines are listed for 22.99 million (64GB), 24.49 million (128GB), 26.99 million (512GB). Machine prices may be adjusted depending on the source of goods.

A shop owner in District 10 (Ho Chi Minh City) said that buyers are still choosing more iPhone 12 Pro Max, while the Mini version is quite small, so it chooses buyers.

All iPhone 12 being sold on the market are imported from other countries. The iPhone 12 is supplied exclusively by Apple for the Vietnamese market will be available from November 27 next.

Until now, the selling price of iPhone 12 in the portable market is still higher than the listed price of Apple authorized retailers in Vietnam.

For example, the lowest internal memory version of the iPhone 12 Mini is being pre-ordered for 18.99 million (4 million cheaper). iPhone 12 costs 21.99 million (cheaper than 1 million), iPhone 12 Pro costs 27.49 million (cheaper than 2 million), iPhone 12 Pro Max costs 29.99 million (cheaper than 5 million).

Recently, the portable iPhone market not as active as before due to the entanglement of Decree 98/2020 / ND-CP, penalties for commercial activities, production, and trading of counterfeit goods, prohibited goods and individuals trading in smuggled goods. At the same time, iPhone 12 sold at stores authorized by Apple is being pushed down, with faster delivery times.


Apple iPhone Pro Max returns to Vietnam, priced at more than VND 50 million

Apple iPhone Pro Max returns to Vietnam, priced at more than VND 50 million

iPhone 12 Pro Max returned to Vietnam right at the time it was launched in several key markets.


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