The Premiers Plans d’Angers festival online to “allow spectators to stay in touch with the cinema”

Despite the pandemic, the festival, dedicated to the first European films, maintains its programming, the offer of which is available online for free until February 24.

The Premiers Plans d’Angers festival, an event dedicated to the first European films, is held virtually and free of charge until February 24. The first phase, that of the official selection, will end on Sunday, January 31, while the event will then continue with Chantal Akerman and Federico Fellini retrospectives on the site of LaCinteck, one of the three hosting platforms. used for the occasion (the other two being La Vingt-Cinquième Heure and Festival Scope Pro).

Asked by BFMTV, the president of the jury, the director Pierre Salvadori, expresses his satisfaction and enthusiasm for an initiative that allows “Stay in touch with the cinema”. “My jury pleasure, he explains, it’s to discover filmmakers, to ask myself if I want to see the next film by this author that I am discovering. That’s what’s great about Angers. ”

“Cinema is a blind date. “

Pierre Salvadori, president of the jury of the Premiers Plans Festival in Angers

All cinemas being closed, this type of arrangement allows “To make the connection, to hold on […] and to allow spectators to stay in touch with the cinema ”. “We are very afraid of desertion towards platforms, of forgetting the beauty of cinema. It is important that this cinema holds ”, he added. This observation is accompanied by an apostrophe to the government, but also encouragement for independent cinema projects: “We are living in a special era. If there is not a strong political will to protect this free, independent and diverse cinema, it is death. All initiatives like Angers are welcome. ”

In addition, in order to (re) savor the pleasure of satisfied waiting, screenings on the La Vingt-fifth heures platform are at a fixed time. “It’s always nice to have a date”, Salvadori laughs, pushing the comparison: “Our heart is beating a little earlier. We don’t know if we’re going to be disappointed. This is the principle of the blind date, a blind date. It’s a very beautiful, very powerful idea. ” And to conclude, poetically: “Cinema is a blind date.”

Founded in 1989, the Premiers Plans d’Angers festival is a film event aimed at promoting young European directors. Each year, a hundred films are in competition. Jeanne Moreau, godmother of the event and president of the jury in 2003, subsequently founded the Angers workshops there, aimed at young filmmakers preparing to make their first feature film.


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