The poured concrete block crushed the injured boy

Nghe AnA 16-month-old boy, while playing, held his hand to an old concrete pole, was collapsed by a concrete block, seriously injured.

Doctors of Nghe An Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital on December 23 informed that after the accident, the baby fainted, turned pale, had difficulty breathing, received first aid at a district hospital, and was transferred to Nghe An Obstetrics and Children’s Hospital. Echocardiogram results showed that the baby had pericardial hemoperitoneum, acute cardiac tamponade due to broken ribs. In the critical condition of the child due to acute compression of the heart causing circulatory stagnation, the doctor ordered emergency surgery.

The surgical team sucked out 100 ml of fresh blood and clotted blood in the baby’s pericardium, fixed the broken 5th rib, punctured the pericardium, and pumped the pericardium and pleura. Finally, the team placed the pericardial and pleural drainage tubes. The baby’s dangerous condition was controlled, postoperatively awake, the endotracheal tube and drainage tubes were removed, and the cardiovascular and respiratory function was stable.

Doctors recommend parents to regularly observe young children, because their curious nature will inadvertently cause accidents. Quickly bring the injured child to a medical facility for timely treatment, avoiding danger to life or leaving harmful sequelae.

Doctor examining a child. Photo: Hospital provides

Thuy Quynh