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The police commissioner suggested the app that recorded the consent for sex, began to criticize strongly

Amid growing sexual assault cases in Australia, a top Australian police officer suggested using a phone application to record sexual content. After this, the proposal of the police officer was severely criticized.

New South Wales State Police Commissioner Mick Fuller on Thursday suggested the use of a mobile app to address the issue of sexual harassment. He said that this app can be used to digitally record the agreement before sex. Significantly, there has been an increase of more than 10 percent in cases of sexual harassment in this state compared to last year.

System fails to stop crime against women
Fuller said that “technology doesn’t do everything right but it’s a big role in people meetings right now. I’m just suggesting, is this part of the solution?” Fuller said that Australia’s most populous The number of sexual assault cases is increasing in states, while the procedure success rate is only two percent. Reports show the system is failing. He said in a conversation with ABC Radio Sydney on Thursday that violence, particularly against women, is a real problem against women and we need to find a solution to it.

There was also criticism in social media
After Fuller, many people reacted to it. New South Wales Premier Gladys Berekklian congratulated Fuller for talking about the problem of sexual assault, but refused to share his opinion on the app.

At the same time, Harmful Sexual Behavior Expert Leslie Anne Eye, associated with children, said that she does not think the app will work. The Australian Broadcasting Association said “don’t think they’re going to interrupt romance to put details into an app”

Hayley Foster, chief executive of the state’s Women’s Safety NSW, said, “It’s good. NSW police are accepting the need for consent, but it’s not a safe way. The abuser can convince the victim to use the app.” is.”

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