The place of cosmetic surgery ‘hide shadow’, hair salon, shampoo

Unexpectedly, the facility “Hair & Spa Phat, professional hair stylist” in Binh Thanh district, functional forces discovered a 3-bed room with many surgical instruments.

This room is located on the first floor of a house on Nguyen Van Lac street, inside with medicine, anesthetics, medical equipment and equipment, 5-function skin care machine, high frequency electric burner, minor surgery lamp, needle roller, centrifugal camera, blood sample tube, steamer … The back area has a room with three shampoo beds.

On the ground floor, this facility only arranges a barber area with 7 barber chairs, behind is the shampoo area and living area.

The owner of the establishment has not provided invoices, documents, or origin of drugs, medical equipment, or equipment. The inspection team seized a customer bill book, a cosmetic tattoo spray textbook, and an article with the content of instructions for spraying pen lips. This place conducts medical advertising on the Facebook page “HopGold Academy Beauty & Spa”.

The facility manager presents the business household registration certificate, the People’s Committee of Binh Thanh District issued on May 28, 2020, the business line is haircutting, hair curling, and hair washing services. They have not produced the practice certificate and the cosmetology license according to the provisions of the Law on Examination and Treatment.

Surgical beds inside hair stylist facilities. Photo provided by the Health Department of Ho Chi Minh City.

Functional forces seal and temporarily seize drugs, medical equipment and devices. The inspection team requests the establishment to stop the medical cosmetic operation; leather spraying, tattooing and embroidery services; tattoo spraying training activities; remove the advertising content of the signs on the wall; Medical aesthetic advertising content on all social networking sites without adequate legal documents.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Health Department, plastic surgery establishments are not allowed to “hide the ball” in the form of haircut, hair curling and hair washing services, which are denounced by the people through the application of “Online Medicine”.

Over the past two weeks, the Inspector of the Department of Health coordinated with the Ho Chi Minh City Police to check unexpectedly and discovered many unauthorized cosmetic surgery facilities.

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health recommends that people when detecting or suspecting that a medical practice is not in compliance with regulations, report directly through the application “Online Medical” or call the phone number. Department of Inspectorate to activate the process of quick response, prevent and strictly punish facilities that are disguised in the provision of health care services for the people.

People can quickly look up two mandatory minimum conditions for a medical examination and treatment facility, which are the doctor’s license and practice certificate at the “Information portal of medical examination and treatment” on the web portal of the HCMC Department of Health (

Le Phuong