The person who crossed the border back to Ho Chi Minh City was positive for nCoV

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health on the afternoon of December 29, confirmed that the fourth person in the group who crossed the border from Myanmar to return home, male, 24 years old, tested positive for nCoV.

This person was found by the police and authorities in the morning of December 29 in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, after more than 12 hours of tracking. The medical force has coordinated to bring this person and people in close contact to the isolation, monitor and test samples.

Doctor Nguyen Tri Dung, Director of the Center for Disease Control in Ho Chi Minh City, said that 15 people in close contact (F1), including the inn owner and 14 people working in the same mechanical workshop, tested negative once. The inn and mechanical workshop on Nguyen Xien Street have been sealed off. The city health sector continues to trace, zoning with places where patients have been.

Thus, the group of 6 people who entered illegally has been identified. Currently, 4 people are positive for nCoV, of which two have been recorded by the Ministry of Health as “patient 1440” (back to Vinh Long) and “patient 1451” (in Su Van Hanh, district 5); two people have not been recognized by the Ministry of Health as a woman returning to Dong Thap and a young man returning to district 9. These two unrecognized persons are still considered suspected cases. The other two returned to Ho Chi Minh City, one from District 1, and the other in Hoc Mon, tested negative once.

Most of the people who come into contact with this group test negative, and some are still waiting for the results. In which, the driver transports 6 people who enter illegally, the test result is negative once.

Authorities are continuing to track down and localize people who are in contact with this cross-border group.

The area of ​​young men in the group illegally crossing the border, living in District 9, was blocked on December 29. Image: Dinh Van.

The HCM City Center for Disease Control calls on the community and functional agencies to take radical measures to solve the problem of illegal entry, because if these cases are omitted, these cases will have serious consequences. City residents need to continue to be vigilant, detect and report to local authorities on suspected illegal entry. Authorities review and arrest these cases.

In order to prevent, detect and promptly handle the risk that Covid-19 epidemics may penetrate and spread in the community, the Ministry of Health recommends that those in close contact or accompanying “patient 1440” and “disease In 1451 “contact the nearest health department, or call the hotline of the Ministry of Health at 19009095 for advice and support.

Le Phuong