The PCF accuses Emmanuel Macron of “organizing business closures”

Several million of our fellow citizens fall into poverty and unemployment. It is a humanitarian catastrophe. There are students, workers and even, for the first time, traders who go to collect food parcels “, rebels Fabien Roussel in the “4 Vérités” Thursday November 26th.

This president and this government have chosen not to go and solicit these leaders, their darlings, to whom the PCF asks to participate in national solidarity“, affirms the national secretary of the party.

For the communist, it is necessary “tax the Gafa who are lining their pockets thanks to this coronavirus epidemic, solicit the 500 richest fortunes in our country who have not lost a cent and no longer pay ISF, tell companies not to more pay dividends and maintain wages and jobs instead of offshoring.

Fabien Roussel declares that “the Covid has become the official partner of Medef and large companies“, who use the virus to destroy jobs.

It is extremely serious what is happening in the country. Emmanuel Macron is no longer credible and he is responsible for what is happening. He organizes business closings and gives his blessing“, he adds.

Its priority is to get out of this system which favors the margins and which exhausts people and the planet.“, concludes the boss of the Communist Party.

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