The patch helps detect Covid-19 antibodies

AmericaResearchers at the University of Washington fabricate the microneedle patch that helps detect the presence of Covid-19 antibodies without testing.

Usually, doctors use a blood sample to check for biological markers of the disease, such as antibodies that signal a COV or bacterial infection, cytokines that indicate arthritis, or sepsis.

However, these biological markers are not just present in the blood. They can also be found in low levels of the dense liquid surrounding skin cells, making them difficult to detect.

Find biomarkers with microneedle patches similar to a blood test. Instead of drawing blood, these patches detect biological markers from the fluid that surrounds cells in the skin, called interdermal fluid (ISF). Interstitial fluid fills the spaces between the body’s cells and contains most of the same biological markers found in the blood. After obtaining these biological markers, the researchers used fluorescence technology to indicate their presence and quantity.

The patch helps detect antibodies in the body. Photo: Sisi Cao

The fluorescence technology used by the group is “plasmonic-fluors”, a super durable fluorescent nano label. Compared with traditional fluorescent labels, the biomarkers give signals 1,400 times brighter and can be detected even when they appear at low concentrations.

The research results are published in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering January 22.

According to the team, this technology is low cost, easy to use for doctors or patients themselves. During the Covid-19 vaccine study, the patch was used to help identify whether the body was producing antibodies against CoV, for how long, and at what level of antibodies. In addition, its advantage is that it does not cause pain when taking blood.

“They go about 400 micrometres deep into the skin tissue, not even touching the sensory nerves,” said researcher Singamaneni.

Le Cam (According to the Sciencedaily)


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