The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the racist tweets that targeted the Blues during the Euro

The Paris prosecutor’s office has been investigating racist messages on Twitter since June 30, targeting certain players of the France team after their elimination from the Euro. This investigation was opened in particular to “Racist public insult”, two days after France’s defeat against Switzerland, said the prosecution on Tuesday, July 6, confirming information from “20 Minutes”.

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This procedure follows reports of hate tweets targeting a few players and transmitted by the Pharos platform to the anti-hate online pole of the public prosecutor’s office, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The investigations, which should make it possible to identify the authors of the messages, were entrusted to the Central Office for the fight against crime linked to information and communication technologies (OCLCTIC).

SOS Racisme filed a complaint

The new president of the single community of Martinique Serge Letchimy wrote on June 30 to the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti to condemn “Offensive, racist remarks against football player Kylian Mbappé”, in a letter unveiled by the public television channel Martinique 1ère.

The chosen one referred in particular to a tweet, widely relayed and commented on the social network, which insulted the PSG striker, whose missed shot against Switzerland precipitated the elimination of France. “This dirty negro deserves to take a hundred lashes and to be resold in Libya”, wrote the user.

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“It is out of the question to let this type of hate speech pass, which must systematically call for the arrest of their authors, especially since French law, fortunately, condemns this type of hate speech on the web”, continued the chosen one.

At the same time, the SOS Racisme association filed a complaint for these facts, with a view to becoming a civil party in the event of a trial. The Representative Council of Black Associations in France (Cran) has also announced its intention to file a complaint.

“Racism, media lynching: support for KM”

On Sunday, Paris-Saint-Germain supporters, members of the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP), unfurled a banner in front of the Parc des Princes in support of the star striker, on which was written: “Racism, media lynching: support for KM”.

The national anti-hate online pole of the Paris prosecutor’s office was created in January, in response to the upsurge in cyberbullying and criticism of the lack of resources deployed by the authorities.

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He was notably responsible for the legal proceedings against people who threatened the young Mila after her diatribes against Islam, or a wave of anti-Semitic messages published on Twitter and Facebook during the last Miss France election.

In another procedure, French justice ordered Twitter on Tuesday to communicate, within two months, documents detailing its means of combating online hatred, deemed to be faulty by associations.

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