The Palmashow plays Les Vedettes in the trailer for their new movie

The two comedians have unveiled the trailer for their second film, a wacky story of a failed singer and game show.

Five after the success of their first film The Mad Story of Max and Leon, Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais return for a new wacky comedy, titled The stars. This second Palmashow feature hits theaters on February 16, 2022, and a first trailer was unveiled on Wednesday.

Daniel and Stéphane work at Univers Tech, an appliance store. The first is a totally incompetent failed singer. The second is the best salesperson in the store. Their relationship is not in good shape but, when Daniel participates in the show Price at any cost to meet his debts and glimpse glory, the two men unite and become “The stars”.

The film is directed by Jonathan Barré, who was already behind the camera during their first feature film in 2016. A real success when it was released, The Mad Story of Max and Leon had accumulated 1.23 million admissions during its theatrical release.

From the internet to the big screen

In a little over ten years, the Ludig-Marsais-Barré trio has gone from a small notoriety on the Internet to feature films with a large budget. It is already with Jonathan Barré that the two members of Palmashow wrote their sketches of a few minutes entitled Very Bad Jokes, broadcast at the time on Dailymotion.

The success of these humorous pastilles opens the doors of Direct 8 for Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais. The two accomplices in all produced 192 episodes of their successful series for the channel, before taking the leap to the big screen. They recently appeared in Goodbye idiots by Albert Dupontel, then in the main roles of Mandibles by Quentin Dupieux.

Shot in the fall of 2020, The stars Originally slated for release on April 28, 2021, but theatrical closures got the better of the schedule, and you’ll have to wait until February to see the film.


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