The operator donated 20 “special” phone sims to help Hai Duong’s translation track

Telecommunication businesses in Hai Duong have donated 100 beds and 500 million VND to fight against epidemics, and at the same time donated 20 “special” phone sims to the police for tracing F1 and F2.

Information to PV VietNamNet tonight (February 10), Mr. Nguyen Cao Thang, Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Hai Duong Province said: The unit has just represented the locality to receive support from telecommunications businesses for the Covid-19 anti-epidemic.

Director of Hai Duong Department of Information and Communications received the generosity of telecom units

Accordingly, Viettel Telecom Branch in Hai Duong decided to donate 100 beds to the treatment facilities for Covid-19 infected patients in hospitals.

The operator donated 20
20 “special-use” mobile sims to help Cam Giang’s police trace

“Currently, at medical facilities that are treating Covid-19 patients and in the F1 case are lacking beds, blankets, mats and basic necessities. Viettel’s shared support at this time is very meaningful, in order to help the locality lessen the difficulties during the epidemic is passing. In the coming time, we hope that organizations and individuals continue to support and help Hai Duong to gain more power to control and suppress translation, ”said Mr. Thang.
Yesterday, MobiFone Telecommunication Corporation, Hai Duong MobiFone Branch supported the anti-epidemic force with 500 million dong. In addition, this unit also supports free packages for volunteers participating in the anti-epidemic.

The operator donated 20
The “special-use” sim has helped speedy and safe tracking of F1, F2

In particular, MobiFone has provided 20 special phone sims to assist the police force of Cam Giang district in tracking down people related to Covid-19 cases in the area. These 20 sim phones will be installed with 1 notification software and save data. When the police use these sims for communication, people will receive a notification floating on the phone screen. They will know that it is an important call from the police and that they are involved in the risk of Covid-19 infection, needing a medical report, needing isolation or needing guidance and help …
Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuan, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Hai Duong province, highly appreciated the technology support of MobiFone Telecom Corporation as well as MobiFone Hai Duong Branch to help improve the traceability efficiency. cases F1, F2, effectively serving the epidemic prevention and control.

Talking about the convenience of this sim number, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Duc Thin, Head of Police in Cam Giang district, where is being blocked, said: Before when we used personal phone sims to call F1 tracing, F2, many people do not listen. They are afraid that the advertising phone number will bother. When someone confessed their name, they hung up the phone and stopped contacting. Equipped with a special sim card, Cam Giang district police make tracing work more convenient and faster. People who see the information on the screen when we call, feel secure and cooperate to work ”.

Police calls from the special sim have been actively received by the people.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in Hai Duong up to now, in response to the Letter of Call of the Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province, many individuals, units, businesses, and religious dignitaries inside and outside the province. has supported the province in epidemic prevention and control in many ways.

Particularly, the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee received more than 30 billion VND and many medical equipment such as epidemic protective clothing, automatic temperature measuring device, mask, antiseptic solution, and many basic necessities. including rice, milk, confectionery, instant noodles, cooking oil, drinking water …

The Hai Duong Fatherland Front has promptly transported essential items to the isolated areas and the epidemic control post to support forces at the frontline to fight the epidemic.

Nguyen Thu Hang

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Hai Duong Secretary: Shifting numbers to remove the harassment officers

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