The oldest man in Australia

Mr. Dexter Kruger, has celebrated more birthdays than any Australian, to date: 111 times.

Mr. Dexter Kruger was born on January 13, 1910. His birthday party this year at a nursing home in Rome, Queensland, had fewer guests than usual due to Covid-19.

“Even with few people in attendance, we still had a good time,” Mr. Kruger said.

Mr. Kruger and as a child (right). Image: ABC News.

This man has lived through the ups and downs of World Wars and the Great Depression, but also does not lack the positives as the series of advances in science and technology. At the time of his birth, Model T Ford models were still in the production phase.

“One of the best things I can remember was the first sound coming out of the phone. It was like a miracle,” he said.

When he was 100 years old, many people asked him for advice on how to live a long life. His answer surprised them: “There is no secret. Just live as usual, eat three meals a day.”

Mr. Kruger has a number of helpful habits.

“I sing and whistle, eat some shrimp every day. They seem good for me. Also, I often eat sardines with soup at dinner,” he said.

Mr. Kruger was very cool when he was behind a large motorcycle on his 106th birthday. Photo: ABC News.

Mr. Kruger is extremely “cool” when sitting behind a large motorcycle on his 106th birthday. ABC News.

Mr. Kruger spends most of his life working in the fields. Life on the farm was difficult and he would not have lived to this day without his father.

“That day, I was working in the field when I was bitten in the leg by a black snake. My father was beside me, cut the bite and sucked out the venom. If it hadn’t been for him, I would have died within 10 minutes. It was a normal situation that happened in the fields, “he recalls.

At the age of 86, Mr. Kruger began writing books after his wife’s death. He self-published 12 books revolving around living memories and poetry.

He was confident that everyone would overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

“In livestock, many major problems are solved with vaccines. We have prevented many diseases through vaccination and with this epidemic, too,” said Mr. Kruger.

Insisting he was just an ordinary farmer, he gave inspirational advice: “Don’t overthink other people’s judgment, listen to your own voice. You need to be strong and move forward.” .

Mai Dung (According to the ABC News)


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