The old doctor triumphed over cancer through literature and painting

ChinaDoctor Chang Jiu, 76 years old, from Nanshan, Shenzhen, overcame many terminal diseases thanks to the spirit of “leisurely walking” from the arts.

14 years ago, Doctor Thuong Cuu, Emergency Department, Nam Son People’s Hospital, discovered metastatic underarm metastatic breast cancer. During three months, he underwent two major operations, chemotherapy for two years. The disease almost took his life, making his body weak and weak.

In recent years, he has suffered from flaw infarction (the phenomenon of abruptly stopping blood flow to one of the small arteries deep in the brain, causing brain damage), esophageal reflux, atrophic inflammation. stomach, decreased glucose tolerance. The old and new injuries on his knee joints made it difficult for him to move.

“But my acquaintances all say that I don’t look like a 76-year-old old man with a lot of illnesses. My health care experience is stable psychology, love and practice of literature – painting”, the doctor Nine said.

Chinese elderly. Image: Asiaone

He recognized himself as a lucky man, having a harmonious family with his spouse and filial children. “The whole family always worries and takes care of me every piece of rice and sleep. This is my strongest spiritual support. Whenever illness tortures, my wife is always there to help me overcome my fear. , pain, “he said.

After many years of struggling with illnesses, he concluded: “Living in the world, if you want to ‘walk freely’, you must overcome your limits, constantly overcome difficulties, forget about sickness, will be resilient. , to reach the highest realm of emotional balance “.

To do that, Dr. Cuu turned to painting.

The old doctor shared: “Every day I draw about 4 hours. When I draw, I focus all of my efforts on each brush stroke. Not only that, painting helps to improve the ability to cultivate morality, make the soul become better. so noble, not mindful of affairs, calm in mind Every time I finish a picture, I always feel refreshed, full of energy When I give my wife a look, she is often full of praise. painting, enchantment and enjoy the spiritual beauty that the painting brings “.

He is often praised by his drawing teachers and classmates for his strong will and energy.

To practice literature, he spent a lot of time reading books, checking materials, adding new knowledge. Every day he spends 5-6 hours writing.

“The brighter the mind is written, the younger the look will be. During writing, the brain is always in a state of strong activity, the blood vessels are more elastic, the brain cells receive more nutrients, thereby improving function. of the central nervous system, which aids the aging process, “he said.

Over 10 years, Mr. Cuu has become a close collaborator of many newspapers, publishing 2 to 3 articles on a variety of topics per month on average.

Many of the patients he had treated have recovered, comforting him.

“Despite many illnesses, I always coordinate oriental medicine therapy, keep an optimistic attitude and maintain a reasonable diet, and at the same time sit in a wheelchair to exercise every day,” he said of the secret to a healthy life. mine.

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