The old Covid-19 was heavier than the ‘pilot patient’ who had a miraculous recovery

“Patient 1536”, 79 years old, being treated at Da Nang Lung Hospital stopped the ECMO intervention for 18 days, the lungs are well ventilated, the doctor evaluated “miraculous recovery”.

On March 14, Dr. Le Thanh Phuc, Director of Da Nang Lung Hospital, said that this woman had “made a miraculous progress”, because there were times when it seemed that she did not pass away and was evaluated worse than “patient 91 “(British pilot) was the heaviest case last year. She stopped the ECMO (artificial cardiopulmonary) intervention for 18 days, breathed herself through the canuyn tube, awake.

After ECMO ends, lungs are well ventilated, blood oxygen is always ensured. Signs of liver failure have improved, other organs are basically doing well. However, the patient still has kidney failure.

“The patient got out of danger and survived,” said Dr. Phuc.

Up to now, the patient has 6 consecutive negative tests for nCoV, the most recent time is on March 11. Patients are continuing to maintain drugs to support organs, continue to dialysis because the kidneys are still failing to work.

The old woman returned to Vietnam from the US on January 13, the family in the US contracted Covid-19. On January 14, she was positive for nCoV, became “patient 1536”, was transferred to Da Nang Lung Hospital for treatment. She has a history of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure for 10 years.

Three days later in the hospital, the patient had mild shortness of breath, fatigue, and poor appetite. On January 19, she had difficulty breathing, had a blurred lung X-ray. On January 20, the Da Nang Department of Health sent two specialized doctors to actively recover from Da Nang Hospital to Da Nang Lung Hospital to support treatment. Next, 4 nurses with expertise in active resuscitation were also transferred to support.

“Every 14 days we have a team of doctors including 18 people to treat and serve patients. Continuously up to now, more than 60 people have treated, supported, cared for this old woman”, said Dr. Phuc.

To date, this critically ill patient has been under national consultation 7 times. During the course of treatment more than two months, the old woman had better progress but then fell into bad progress, thickening of the lung bases, mild body edema. Patients with a diagnosis of severe nCoV pneumonia in the background of hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart failure; complications of arrhythmias, blood clotting disorders.

According to the evaluation of the Professional Council, the patient has been applied all the most active treatment methods. The national consultation evaluated her to be even heavier than the British pilot patient (patient 91) in the previous period.

However, with efforts to cure, determined not to surrender, the doctors have helped the patient to miraculously recover.

“Patients who have been negative for many times, the patient is expected to be cured next week. Now family members wish to transfer her to Ho Chi Minh City. We will consult with leaders of the Department of Health and the Ministry of Health about This issue, because the health and safety of the patient comes first, “said Dr. Phuc.

Currently, there are more than 400 Covid-19 patients nationwide are being treated in medical facilities. The place with the most number of patients is Field Hospital No. 2 at Hai Duong University of Medical Technology with nearly 190 patients, Facility 2 of Hai Duong General Hospital treats nearly 100 patients.

Le Nga