The oil-free fryer is dangerous?

The oil-free fryer reduces the risk of the formation of toxic acrylamide, a substance capable of causing cancer, provided that the cooker is manufactured according to standards and used properly.

An oil-free fryer, also known as an air fryer, cooks food by bringing the temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius, then using a fan to radiate evenly on the surface of the food, helping the food cook. and has a crispy appearance just like the traditional grease frying. During cooking, it removes many of the fats and oils from the food.

With this kind of pot, just use one teaspoon of oil on the outside of the food, you can produce the same color and flavor as when deep-frying a pan of oil. Like many other cooking methods, the oil-free fryer triggers a chemical reaction – the Maillard effect – that improves the food’s color and taste.

Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Hong Con, Khoa Hoa, Hanoi University of Science, said the principle of operation, the oil-free fryer has many benefits. Most importantly, it reduces the risk of the formation of the poison acrylamide – a synthetic resin that has the potential to cause cancer in humans.

Acrylamide is not found in unprocessed foods, or is very low in lower temperature processed foods such as steamed or boiled, said Associate Professor of Analysis. However, during food processing at high temperatures (more than 120 degrees C) such as frying, baking, and roasting, acrylamide will be formed. Studies have shown that acrylamide is especially found in carbohydrate-rich foods like french fries and whole grains. Acrylamide is involved in the formation of several forms of cancer, such as uterus, breast, pancreas …

So, in principle, switching from deep frying to an air fryer will be able to lower the risk of ingestion of acrylamide, and reduce the risk of cancer.

“However, we don’t know the materials for the production, so the oil-free fryer is. This will cause a lot of suspicions for the user,” said the associate professor.

In fact, there is no research analysis of these products in the market. Studies of the effects of oil-free fryers are currently very limited and have no final conclusions about its ability to convert food into carcinogens.

“Maybe the same type of non-stick plastic, but the one used in food processing is expensive because they have all the toxins eliminated, there is also polyacrylamide plastic, used in industry and construction,” said the professor. No toxins need to be removed. So the question is, does the product meet food standards? “.

The oil-free fryer is manufactured according to standards, has copyright registration, business license, is authorized to manufacture, it is not harmful to human health.

Oil-free fryer. Image: Healthline

Other opinions suggest that while reducing acrylamide toxicity, other potentially toxic substances can still form in an oil-free fryer, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Experts said, this is a substance similar to activated carbon, capable of causing cancer at high temperatures. However, this oil-free fryer is more difficult to burn than when frying. Therefore, using the correct frying time instructions, food content … will not produce harmful toxins.

People who eat fried foods, are at risk of obesity, prepare food with an air fryer to help the body drastically reduce the amount of fat eaten regularly, thereby helping to lose weight.

The oil-free fryer can cook food safer, but it is still the form of frying, still causing health problems, experts recommend. Experts note that fried foods should be limited in general regardless of how they are fried. Variety of foods, variety of cooking methods will help you to have a better diet.

Thuy Quynh