The oblivion that we will be, by Fernando Trueba: sweet memories of Medellin

CRITICAL – In the vein of Roma, the Colombian filmmaker delivers a stunning family chronicle.

It was his father. The hero remembers it fondly. In Medellin in the 1970s, Hector Abad was a brilliant professor of medicine. His ideas were ahead, whether they were about bacteria or about human rights. The house was always full. There were plenty of sisters. The rooms were overflowing with giggles and whispers. Under the sheets, we were sneaking tapes. Hector Junior did not realize how lucky he was.

This bald father, in a white coat, who was growing roses in the garden. His convictions served him as a cloak. They will lead him to his downfall. The university fires him. He goes to town hall. We do not forgive him. His speeches are disturbing. His fight will cost him his life. The film has the grace, the breath of a thousand-page novel. We leaf through an existence. As in Hello Sadness, the past is in color and the present in black and white. The narrator is a novelist. In Turin, in 1983, he left a cinema which projected

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