The obese Covid-19 patient quickly became seriously ill and had to be on a ventilator

Ho Chi Minh CityA 14-year-old girl with Covid-19 showed no symptoms when she was hospitalized, but her condition deteriorated rapidly, on the basis of obesity of 90 kg.

The patient was transferred from the field hospital to the City Children’s Hospital on the night of July 3. Although asymptomatic, blood oxygen saturation is low. The chest radiograph showed a very rapid deterioration.

The baby is breathed with continuous positive pressure through the nose, still awake, but the blood oxygen continues to not improve, the lung film worsens. The doctor assigned to put an endotracheal tube in the ventilated baby according to the acute respiratory crisis caused by nCoV.

Previous epidemics in Vietnam as well as in the world literature have recorded that children with Covid-19 are often asymptomatic, with relatively mild clinical manifestations of the respiratory system, few complications… This baby is a new case. and rarely serious.

Doctor Vu Hong Duc and nurse Cam Tu, from the Intensive Care Unit, volunteered to be dispatched to the Infection Department to quickly intubate and coordinate monitoring and treatment of pediatric patients.

With the baby’s weight of 90 kg, the care work becomes heavy when turning care, sucking sputum, changing diapers, taking medicine veins, taking samples for testing, carrying children in the right direction for X-rays.. In particular, doctors and nurses have to work in sweat-soaked protective suits.

After more than a week of challenging treatment, the results are gradually positive. The baby’s lungs gradually brighten, the machine parameters are significantly reduced, blood oxygenation improves spectacularly.

On the morning of July 12, the baby was officially weaned from the ventilator, gently raised his hand to greet the doctors, and could say the first sentence “I’m so hungry” to his mother. Her mother is also a symptom-free F0, she is in the hospital to stay by her side to take care of and turn around.

This is the first case of a Covid-19 pediatric patient in the country requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation.

The girl was weaned from the ventilator, on the morning of July 12. Photo provided by the hospital.

In the context of the increasing number of F0 children, with a capacity of 100 beds, Doctor Nguyen Tran Nam, deputy director of the hospital, asked the infectious disease doctors and nurses to always closely monitor and pay close attention to every vital sign and symptom severe symptoms, each subclinical sign, the right lung film of the children’s disease progress.

Accordingly, obesity can be one of the factors that increase the risk of getting worse when infected with Covid-19 and also cause many difficulties in intensive care and treatment.

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Le Phuong