The nurse found a family member for the patient in isolation

Lang SonNurse Luong Thi Minh gives the woman with a mental disorder a piece of paper, hoping she is literate and can write down her home address.

From this clue, nursing Minh times to find a family for the patient.

The 50-year-old female patient, transferred to the isolation ward concentration at Lang Son General Hospital since December 8, showed signs of mental disorder. She was one of those who were handed over by the Chinese authorities for her illegal residency in the control campaign against Covid-19.

“The patient has no relatives, has left home for more than 20 years, but always says that he is only 18 years old,” said nurse Minh.

According to the chief nurse Liu Hai Chau, Department of Infectious Diseases, during the treatment, this patient is shy, shy, often nonsense, does not remember the name, home address. Every day, nurses take turns bringing meals to the bed and regularly monitor and observe to know the habits and preferences of the patient.

“This particular patient has to spend a lot of time to be close and talk, but there is still no more information after 10 days,” said nurse Minh, who directly cared for the patient. “Unfortunately, being harmed by bad guys is too disadvantageous”.

In July, nursing Minh found a family member for a patient in the isolation ward, whose family had been lost for 17 years. The patient has a similar situation this time, the nurse tells herself to make more effort before the 14-day deadline ends.

On the night of December 22, the nurse “took a risk” to give the patient a paper. “Patient is mentally ill, but literacy is great,” she thought. Then, in turn, she asked her for her name, age, address, if she remembers whose family name, which area she missed home, and asked her to write it down on the paper. As a result, she can only write a few lines of words that are cursory, misspelled, and have no end.

Nursing Minh then sat and reread each word, strung the words together and searched for information on the internet. “For security reasons, I do not want to disclose it, but I guess I found the name of a village similar to the information recorded by the patient,” the nurse said. Then she contacted the local police in the village to ask for assistance to find families for the patient.

The next day at noon, the police announced that she had a family that had been searching for a 24-year missing person, and Huong was delighted with a glimmer of hope. She took the initiative to call this family, send patient pictures and verify the information before meeting her family at the hospital.

The female patient (in pink shirt) hugs her at the hospital after 24 years of being lost. Image: Hospital provided

One day after receiving the information, the patient’s brother and sister arrived at the hospital. Meeting the family again, the patient’s spirit gradually became more alert, and was able to tell the names of his parents and brothers. Particularly during the time in China, there is no information.

Family members said that the patient is the seventh daughter in a family of nine children. At the end of 1991, a friend near her home invited her to go out and tricked her into selling her to China. Later, relatives actively searched for her, but to no avail. The patient’s brother also went to China to work hoping to find his sister but could not find it.

In 1996, she returned to visit her home and recounted her life in her period of time. In China, she was sold as a man’s wife for 5 million VND and gave birth to two children. Having been home for about two weeks, because she missed her child so much, she decided to return to China. Since then, after 24 years, she has been reunited with her family.

“Finding a family for the patient, if the family is happy, I will be happy 10, helping doctors have more motivation to better perform the mission of caring and protecting the community’s health”, nurse Minh chia shall.

Minh nurse takes care of a patient in the isolation ward of Lang Son general hospital.  Photo: Character provided

Minh nurse takes care of a patient in the isolation ward of Lang Son General Hospital. Image: Characters provided

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