The number of cases increased, Hanoi set up a support team to monitor F0 at home

The Hanoi Center for Disease Control (CDC) on the evening of December 20 recorded 1,641 cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours, the highest ever; The city set up a support group to monitor people infected with Covid-19 at home.

The Ministry of Health announced Hanoi 1,612 new infections, no deaths. Thus, some cases have not been assigned patient codes. There are no statistics on the number of cases being treated and the number of severe cases as of 19:00 today.

Among the infections today, there are 406 community cases, 1,021 cases in isolation areas and 214 cases in blockade areas. Thus, the number of community infections decreased by 94 cases compared to yesterday, distributed in 21 districts; in which the highest in Ba Dinh with 90 cases, Dong Da 66 cases, Long Bien 52 cases.

Facing the complicated situation of the epidemic, the number of infections is increasing, Hanoi has improved its capacity to treat F0 at home. In the directive strengthen epidemic prevention measures promulgated on December 17, the People’s Committees of districts, towns and cities actively develop scenarios and plans at a higher level to be ready to respond to Covid-19 epidemic situations; Fully update the list of F0 for home treatment, ensuring drug dispensing according to the treatment protocol. The locality also fully guides the process of isolating, treating and testing patients within the first 24 hours after detecting an infection.

The locality set up a support team to monitor people infected with Covid-19 at home with the youth force as the core. The task of the team is to receive information from people infected with Covid-19 at home, update it into the F0 management software system, take samples for testing, guide home isolation measures, record information and when to If there are abnormal signs of the quarantined person’s health, they should immediately notify the health station staff.

Health stations in communes, wards, townships, mobile medical stations, and F0 treatment facilities are on duty 24/7 to work with the 1022 switchboard to promptly receive and promptly handle arising situations as reflected. of people.

The community Covid-19 team “goes from door to door, knocks from door to door, checks each object”, makes a list of people over 50 years old, people with underlying medical conditions, pregnant women, and people with contraindications who have not been vaccinated. vaccine… for administration, injection. Hanoi strives to complete the 2nd injection for people 18 years of age and older, no later than December 31; complete the 2nd injection for people aged 12 to 18 years by January 31, 2022; Complete the booster shots for people 18 years of age or older by this deadline.

The total number of cases in Hanoi during the 4th outbreak (since April 29) is 28,694 cases, of which 10,671 cases are in the community, 18,023 cases have been isolated.

Doctors from the Emergency Department, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases are plugging in a breathing tube for a patient newly admitted to the hospital in December 2021. Photo: Giang Huy

Thuy Quynh