The number of business creations will approach one million in France in 2021, a new historic record according to INSEE

The transport and warehousing sector, which includes home deliveries, which have exploded with the health crisis, grew by 24.9%.

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A historic record. Total business creations for the whole of 2021 amounted to 995,868, up 17.4% compared to 2020, INSEE reported on Friday January 14. In detail, the number of micro-enterprises created by auto-entrepreneurs increased by 17% and that of companies by 24.3%. The number of traditional sole proprietorships has only increased by 1.7%, according to the National Institute of Statistics.

In 2021, the sectors that recorded the most growthBusiness segments are those of household services (+30%), financial activities and insurance (+30.6%), information and communication (+25.4%) and transport and warehousing (+24, 9%). This last category notably includes home deliveries, which have exploded with the health crisis.

This sharp increase is due to “the particularly low level of creations during the first confinement in 2020”, according to INSEE. But that did not prevent 2020 from already being a record year.

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