The notorious hacker group Anonymous declares war on Russia

In the wake of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the hacker group Anonymous claims to have taken down several Russian government websites and, the website of the state-controlled television network.

The hacker group made an announcement on Twitter on February 24, saying they were engaged in a “cyber war” against the Russian government. Several websites have been blocked or slowed down by Anonymous, including those of the Russian government, the Kremlin, the Duma and the Ministry of Defense.

In addition to, this hacker group also carried out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against the websites of Russian internet service providers, such as Com2Com, Relcom, Sovam Teleport, and PTT-Teleport. Moscow.

Various Anonymous accounts were found using the hashtags #OpRussia and #OpKremlin on Twitter, similar to the #OpISIS campaign that was launched earlier in an attempt to take down attempts terrorist organization’s online propaganda.

At the present time, most of these sites have recovered.

The Anonymous attack comes after Ukraine claimed that Russia was behind major cyberattacks on government websites and several banks and other information technology companies.

“Malware, designed to look like ransomware, but lacking a ransom-based recovery mechanism, is destructive and designed to render targeted devices inoperable rather than functional. ransom,” Microsoft said in a blog post describing the attack against Ukraine.

Cyberattacks are one of the means used in modern warfare, which can prove to be dangerous and capable of destroying a country’s industrial infrastructure. One of the Anonymous accounts threatened to do this to Russia earlier this month.

According to VOV/ Business Insider

Ukraine accuses Russia of hacking, the US and its allies are ready to respond

Ukraine accuses Russia of hacking, the US and its allies are ready to respond

On February 15, US and European officials said they were ready to respond to Russian cyberattacks amid escalating tensions over Ukraine.


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