The ‘not sleeping’ kitchen in the field hospital

Ten people, each with a task, from washing rice, picking vegetables, to the kitchen group, slicing meat … They have to finish breakfast before 5am to move.

Before taking a break, everyone was hurrying to prepare for lunch. The kitchen serves nearly 200 meals of rice, including: chicken, vegetables, boiled pork, soup, … for the patients and the team of doctors and doctors, especially an additional 15 servings of porridge for the children.

Ms. Vu Thi Nha, 60 years old, the chef shared: “Every day I have to think about what to eat with sufficient quality, ensure hygiene and constantly change the menu for the patient’s appetite”.

In the treatment area there are young patients and a newly born woman, which should be noted. Young children can eat porridge or rice, while pregnant women need to eat something, doctors will report out to the kitchen to prepare, Ms. Nha informs more.

Table showing the number of meals served to patients and doctors treating Covid-19. Image: Trung Son.

In the field kitchen, most of the staff are middle-aged, even some are nearly 70 years old, but still enthusiastically work day and night. Ms. Hao, 68 years old, despite her family’s objection, she regularly cycles 3km to the kitchen at 6am, then leaves at 8pm.

“In the first few days I was still lost, my old age, my eyesight was poor, everyone in my family opposed me going to work in the kitchen, but because of the anti-epidemic spirit, I still determined to serve the patients and the physicians.” Hao share. After a long time working with continuous intensity, some people died from exhaustion, but only rest for a while, drink a carton of milk temporarily and then resume unfinished work.

In addition to those who have worked for a long time, there are also students and a few nurses volunteering in this kitchen. Ms. Hoa from the Nursing Department of Hai Duong Medical Technical University Hospital volunteered to join the kitchen.

“Disease makes food more scarce and prices are also escalating, but we still try to ensure adequate nutrition for patients and medical staff”, Ms. Hoa said.

Most of the working people in the kitchen are elderly women.  Photo: Trung Son.

Most of the working people in the kitchen are elderly women. Image: Trung Son.

As the lunch sets had just moved, they hurriedly cleaned and prepared the ingredients for the dinner. Only when the job is okay, do people take advantage of the rice bowl. At this time, the clock hands were at 2 pm

Few minutes of rest, but everyone is happy, working and chatting. Ms. Nha expressed her heart: “For the community, we forget about our fatigue, hearing the news that 3 patients have just cured, everyone is motivated”.

The dinners have just moved, the tasks of one day are completed, together they prepare food, prepare ingredients, and make menus for the next day. A long day for the cooks ended as the clock approached.

Lunch hurriedly in the logistics ladies' field kitchen.  Photo: Trung Son.

Hurry lunch in the logistics ladies’ field hospital kitchen. Image: Trung Son.


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