The next Asterix will not be filmed in China for “political reasons”

Gilles Lellouche, who is to take over the role of Obélix in The middle Empire, directed by Guillaume Canet, suggested in The Obs that the Chinese government views this blockbuster with suspicion.

By Toutatis and by Belenos, these Chinese are crazy!“. In an interview given to our colleagues from The Obs, the new Obelix alias Gilles Lellouche suggested that The middle Empire, an unprecedented adventure of Asterix at the cinema directed by Guillaume Canet, would ultimately not be shot in China …

It must be said that this blockbuster of some 65 million euros in budget has known, since its thunderous announcement by Guillaume Canet in 2019, many vicissitudes. Postponed at will by the successive waves of Coronavirus, the filming which was to begin in spring 2020 has not yet given birth to any scene.

Gilles Lellouche is the first to officially notice this: “I don’t know when we’ll be able to do it. One thing is certain, we will not shoot in China or in co-production with Chinese capital. For several reasons, mainly political.

Beijing’s suspicion

The “political reasons», – without further details given by the new menhirs delivery man – will certainly generate a lot of ink. Would the Chinese government not want to take any health risk or would it view with a suspicious eye this adventure of the irreducible Gauls, necessarily gently satirical, as the spirit of Uderzo and Goscinny wants, even revised and corrected by Guillaume Canet and his screenwriter Philippe Mechelen? Nothing for the moment, except the cryptic sentence of Gilles Lellouche, allows to affirm it.

Marion Cotillard’s nose

While waiting to know if the magic potion of the Druid Panoramix will give the strength to our Gallic heroes to cross the Great Wall of China, it only remains to contemplate with admiration the formidable cast assembled by Guillaume Canet for this now mysterious odyssey in the ‘Middle Kingdom.

Gilles Lellouche will therefore take over from Gérard Depardieu in the breeds of sentimental and brawler delivering menhirs. He repeated it to our colleagues from The Obs: “I have more hits to take than anything else. I got my head full of it on social networks when Guillaume announced the film. What I understand very well. Obélix is ​​Depardieu. But me, the more I am heated, the more it excites me.

The glamor of the film will be provided by Marion Cotillard, who, following Monica Bellucci, will slip into the skin of the most beautiful of queens, Cleopatra. Married to the city of Guillaume Canet, we can bet that she will know how to lead the filmmaker by the tip of her nose.

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