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The new variant of corona virus has reached these countries of the world, know who has taken what steps

Omicron Variant: The whole world has become alert about the new variant of corona virus in the country. After facing two waves of Corona, now every country is trying to stop this infection. Although experts have not got much information about it due to being detected a week ago, but WHO has definitely described it as worrying. How contagious is Omicron, do scientists believe? What is its viral load? How deadly is this? Research is being done on this right now.

Let us tell you that this variant first appeared in South Africa and now its cases are also coming up in many other countries. At the same time, South African Health Minister Joe Fahla says that this new variant of corona ie Omicron variant may be more infectious. According to the research done so far, the new strain is quite different from other variants of Delta and Corona. Many changes have been seen in this. They believe that the OR variant spreads much faster than other variants. In such a situation, our responsibility increases to be more alert and follow the rules of social distancing to protect ourselves and our family from infection.

Cases have come in these countries

  • Omicron was first reported on 24 November 2021. The first case was reported in South Africa, after which the WHO termed it as worrying.
  • After South Africa, the first case of Omicron variant was reported in Botswana.
  • Patients infected with the new variant of Corona were also found in the Czech Republic. Actually the infected woman is. A spokesman said the case was confirmed at a local hospital in the northern city of Liberec. The infected woman had recently traveled to Namibia and returned to the Czech Republic via South African Republic and Dubai.
  • A suspected case of Omicron has also come to Austria.
  • According to Italy’s Local News Agency, a citizen of this country who had traveled to Mozambique recently tested positive for the Omicron variant in the RT-PCR test.
  • According to the information received, three suspects in Germany are infected with a new strain of the virus.
  • Last Sunday in Australia, two people have been found infected with a new variant of Corona.
  • In Israel, one person is infected with Omicron and 7 suspected cases have been reported. Although three of the 7 suspects have already been vaccinated. Israel has banned the entry of foreigners into the country for two weeks to prevent the spread of the new variant of the corona, Omicron.
  • In the European country Netherlands, a total of 13 people, including travelers coming from South Africa, have been found infected with the new strain.
  • In Hong Kong, two infected cases of the Omicron variant have been reported. To prevent the spread of the new virus, the Hong Kong government has banned all flights and passengers arriving from South African countries.
  • In Belgium too, on Saturday, the first case of a new variant of Corona has come to the fore.
  • At the same time, the President of France believes that Omicron has knocked there too and many people have come under the grip of this virus.

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