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The new strains of Korana found in Britain also claim to work as AstraZeneca vaccines.

London: In Britain, 15 percent of the population has received the first vaccine of corona, but the rate of infection is still high here. Meanwhile, scientists who invented AstraZeneca vaccine to protect against corona infection have made a big claim. It is claimed that this vaccine can also work against the new form of Kovid-19 found in Britain. This is similar to results previously found by other vaccine manufacturers, including Pfizer and Moderna.

Andrew Pollard of Oxford University, who helped create the AstraZeneca vaccine, said, “It appears that the vaccine may also slow the rate of spread of the virus in corona-infected people.” Researchers are also studying the potential efficacy of the vaccine against the new form of corona discovered in South Africa.

Britain has more than 1.9 million active corona cases
Britain has crossed the peak of its current Corona wave. Britain is the fifth most affected country in the world by Corona. So far, about 4 million people have been infected with corona, of which one lakh 11 thousand people have lost their lives. About 19 lakh people have been cured of the virus but more than 19 lakh people are infected with Corona here.

The first dose of corona virus vaccine has been given to 10 million people in Britain. In England, 90 percent of people over the age of 75 have received the first dose of the Kovid vaccine. England currently has a third nationwide lockdown since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country. A similar ban is also in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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