The new generation of Sony TVs possesses many breakthrough technologies

Users can enjoy the widest dynamic range ever on a new generation of Sony TVs.

Sony Electronics Vietnam has just announced the new generation of BRAVIA XR 2022 TVs, including the X95K 4K Mini LED series, A90K (Master Series), A80K 4K OLED and X90K 4K (Full Array LED) series.

Mini LED screen technology

The most prominent is the X95K TV series produced with Mini LED backlight technology. The Cognitive Processor XR™, unique XR Backlight Master Drive technology precisely controls the latest generation Mini LED backlighting.

Users can enjoy the widest dynamic range ever with extremely high brightness and deep blacks, with flare and halo being completely suppressed around bright areas.

In terms of sound, users can experience Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology for OLED TVs and Acoustic Multi-Audio for LED TVs, precisely matching the position of sound with the image on the screen. for a truly immersive visual and audio experience.

BRAVIA CAM helps identify the user’s location

The range is also packed with new features to personalize and improve home entertainment, such as a mode that automatically adjusts image processing algorithms based on ambient light. This helps your audience’s favorite TV shows and movies perform the way creators expect, in any environment.

In addition, Sony also introduced a brand new camera device, BRAVIA CAM, with the ability to recognize the user’s location to optimize picture and sound. This device also supports gesture control, video chat,…

All TVs of the new generation BRAVIA 2022 have 4K display resolution and a wide selection of screen sizes. Currently, Sony has not announced the price and release date of the new BRAVIA XR 2022 TV series in Vietnam.



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