The Nest: fatal expatriation for Jude Law and Carrie Coon

A couple is torn between the City and the English countryside. An award-winning film in Deauville.

Grand Prize, Critics’ Prize and Revelation Prize. Last September, The Nest , by Sean Durkin, put at his feet the 46e Deauville American Film Festival. Unanimity at the height of the poisonous fascination that this fable exerts on the disintegration of a couple of expatriate Americans. The oppressive thriller, of a visual mastery and a crazy elegance, like its performers Jude Law and Carrie Coon, can be savored this Tuesday evening on Canal +, dark rooms must be closed.

Broker, Rory uproots his New York family in the British countryside. We are in the 1980s. On both sides of the Atlantic, Reagan and Thatcher are in power and money is king. Rory dreams and breathes speculation, even if it means losing his mind and ignoring the discomfort of his wife, his daughter and their little boy lost in the austere mansion where he has settled them. Not sure that we would have liked to be confined in this building which establishes a Gothic camera. The unspoken

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