The nerve tumor weighs 9 kg

Quang NinhThe 39-year-old male patient had 11 surgery to have a nerve tumor in the buttock and now has a recurrence that threatens to rupture.

Patient admitted to Quang Ninh General Hospital on 28/9, critical condition.

The first tumor that appeared 20 years ago in the patient’s left thigh, diagnosed with a fibroid, had surgery. Some time later, another tumor grew in the buttock, got bigger, and had to undergo surgery. He covered leaves, used herbal medicine, the tumor in his buttocks became bigger and heavier. After 11 surgeries, the tumor in the buttock still recurred, hindering the activity.

At Quang Ninh General Hospital, the doctor assessed this was a very complicated case due to a very large nerve tumor, surgery many times. The patient has removed one leg, the skin on the tumor is about to be necrotic, the tumor is firmly attached to the pelvis, high risk of blood loss during surgery. In addition, skin flap shaping after cutting is difficult due to many old scars. The doctor decided to have surgery to avoid bleeding complications caused by tumor necrosis.

The surgical team combining Surgery, Oncology, Orthopedic Trauma and Anesthesia removed 8.9 kg of tumor. The nerve fibers entering the tumor are cut high to prevent the tumor from recurring. Patient is shaped to rotate the skin flap completely covering the cut skin.

Currently, the patient is awake, able to eat, is in a stable condition, and the skin flaps cover a rosy color.

Doctors are conducting tumor removal procedures for the patient. Image: Hospital provided

Dr. Pham Viet Hung, head of the surgical team, Department of Surgery, General Hospital of the province, said this is the 12th surgery of the patient.

Neuroma surgery is a difficult surgery, although the tumor is benign but often recurs, the cause is unknown.

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