The nerve tumor in the buttocks weighs 9 kg

Quang NinhThe 66-year-old woman, at first, in her buttocks ached like a pin prick. After the pain spread to her legs, prolonged sleeplessness.

She examined at a local hospital, was diagnosed with sciatica, took medicine prescribed by the doctor. After a while, the pain level increased gradually, the buttocks had to feel the big tumor, she became more and more difficult to walk. She went to Quang Ninh General Hospital for examination, on March 4. Results of ultrasound, computerized tomography detected solid mass in the right buttock position of 20 cm long and 6 cm wide. Doctors said that this is a large benign sciatic nerve fibroid that causes pressure. The doctor decided to have surgery to remove the tumor and preserve the nerve.

The tumor is in the back thigh, is a mass that is located in the nerve fibers of the sciatic nerve. Under the surgical magnifying glass, the surgical team removed the tumor from the nerve fibers, completely removed, weighing 9 kg. The patient’s health progressed positively.

Dr. Pham Viet Hung, Head of Surgery Department, said that surgery for a nerve tumor is always a challenge. Completely removing the tumor often leaves sequelae such as paralysis, loss of sensation, affecting the patient’s life.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, starting at the nerve roots in the lumbar spinal cord, extending through the buttocks and all the way to the ends in the lower extremities. This is the nerve that governs the main motor of the leg. The nerve tumor is located in the sac with the nerve fibers, when an enlarged tumor compresses the nerve fibers and causes symptoms ranging from numbness to leg paralysis. This is a benign tumor, but nerve tumor surgery is considered to be a difficult operation, with a high risk of complications because if the dissection is not careful, skillful will affect the nerve, cause atrophy of the legs, even lice are paralyzed chi.

With this patient, the sciatic nerve tumor has grown, squeezing the vessels, causing the patient pain, walking more and more difficult. If not detected, surgery to remove the tumor in time, the above symptoms will become worse and more difficult to treat completely.

Doctors recommend that people should regularly examine their health periodically and examine immediately when there are abnormal symptoms, especially when detecting tumors in the body.

Tumor weighing nearly 9 kg was removed. Image: Hospital provided

Thuy Quynh