The national database system will be opened on February 26

05/02/2021 14:40 GMT + 7

The Ministry of Public Security plans to open and put into operation the national database system on population and production system, and issue and manage citizen identification on February 26.

Along with the citizen identification production, grant and management system, the national database on population will be opened and put into operation from February 26 to. (Artwork:

The opening ceremony of two important information systems built by the police is an opportunity to evaluate the situation and results of the implementation of the project “National database on population” and the project “Production, granting and managing citizen identity ”.

This is also an opportunity to widely propagate to the people about the efforts and results of the police sector and units and businesses in building and implementing the national database system on population and system of production, issuance and management of citizen identification. At the same time, it promotes the interest, response and companionship of ministries, branches and localities in connecting, sharing data and developing data systems, thereby contributing to promoting the implementation.

The event is expected to be held in the form of online conferences between the Ministry of Public Security and 63 Provincial and Municipal Police and some local bridge points.

Notably, within the framework of the opening ceremony, there will be an experience of the features and effects of the national database system on population and electronic chip-mounted citizen identification cards.

However, the Ministry of Public Security also noted that the organization of the opening ceremony must strictly comply with the requirements for prevention and control of the disease Covid-19.

“National Population Database” and “Citizen Identity Production, Grant and Management” are two important projects led by the Ministry of Public Security, which have recently been accelerated.

Over the past time, the Ministry of Public Security has reviewed, built, and amended relevant legal documents in service of building a national database on population. The Ministry of Public Security also basically completed the collection of population information nationwide with 17 information schools in accordance with the Law on Citizenship; at the same time, deploying many solutions to ensure accurate, regularly updated residential information according to the principle of “right, enough, clean, living”.

According to statistics, by the end of January 2021, the Ministry of Public Security had collected more than 86 million votes and entered more than 81 million votes into the national database on population. The Ministry of Public Security has also coordinated with the Ministry of Justice to successfully issue and pay more than 4.8 million personal identification numbers for birth registration children from January 1, 2016 nationwide.

The national population database system is designed to connect, allowing other information systems to be exploited through the NGSP National Data Sharing Integrated Platform and the National Public Service Portal. As a result, it will increase the ability to exploit and update information on the population, reduce the state budget costs in building IT infrastructure of specialized databases.

Currently, the Police Department of administrative management of social order (C06) – the unit assigned by the Ministry of Public Security to directly build and manage the national database system on population, is working with other agencies. , related units test the technique of connecting, integrating and sharing data from this system with some information systems of ministries, branches, localities and units of the Public Security sector.

Specifically, to evaluate and check the system’s operability before official deployment, from the end of November 2020 to February 15, testing the connection, integration, and sharing of data. national database on population with specialized database of the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice through the NGSP platform managed by the Ministry of Information and Communications; The People’s Committees of the provinces and cities of Bac Ninh, Quang Ninh and Da Nang serve the handling of public administrative procedures; and with specialized police database (A08, C08) in the sector intranet, done.


Government requests to speed up the national database of population and land

The government asked to speed up the national database of population and land

In the resolution of the regular meeting in May 2020, the Government directed the Ministries: Public Security, Natural Resources and Environment to focus on speeding up the implementation of the national database (database) on population, National land database.


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