The mother of three children lost 94 kg

AmericaThree consecutive pregnancies cause Ann Wulff to gain weight by 163 kg. She tried to adjust her diet, losing 94 pounds in two years.

Ann Wulff, 39 years old, a teacher in New Hope, Minnesota. She became pregnant soon after marriage and gained 27 kg during pregnancy. “I think pregnant is allowed to eat whatever I want,” Wulff said.

His first daughter was born in 2006. A year later, Wulff became pregnant for the second time.

“I gained weight after each pregnancy, and it continued to happen when I was pregnant with my third daughter,” she said.

Wulff usually eats two sandwiches, drinks sweetened coffee for breakfast; a pizza and dessert for dinner.

Wulff said: “I convince myself it will not be a problem to eat and drink as I like because I am already obese. The work of taking care of my 3 children keeps me busy, eating ice cream is not a big problem.”

This eating habit progressed until Wulff was warned by his doctor about obesity. “I was terrified to know that I could have diabetes or the major health risks,” she said. “I started to feel unwell, had a headache and had no energy. Instead of taking my child to school by a 5-minute walk, I drove. I didn’t want to go to the restaurant because I could not fit in a seat, nor could I tie a rope. safe”.

In May 2018, Wulff started tracking fitness and paid for the year-round “weight watcher” app. “I knew I was in a bad position and needed to change my whole way of life. It couldn’t be fast,” Wulff said.

Ann Wulff before and after weight loss. Image: Ann Wulff

She began to eat more fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Wulff is very excited to lose 5 kg in the first week.

Knowing he needed to lose a lot of weight, Wulff set a low goal. “I told myself I would lose another 2 kg in a few weeks. This goal really motivated me, until I realized I could be healthy if I maintain healthy eating habits,” says Wulff.

Wulff isn’t a cook, but still tries a new recipe 1-2 times a week. She also didn’t force herself to train until she was ready.

Little by little, after two years she had lost a total of 94 kg. When Covid-19 broke out and the city was blocked, she lost another 9 kg.

“I was a bit frightened, but the target was very close. The epidemic is terrible right now, but I will use this time to take care of myself and maintain healthy habits,” Wulff said.

Now, Wulff is more confident. “I feel a lot more relaxed, more energetic, more positive and confident. I become a better teacher, wife, mother. Everything is good,” she said.

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