The Monnaie de Paris wants to surf the savings of the French

In this time of crisis and restrictions, the French are saving massively, and everyone would like to be able to take advantage of them. Even the venerable Monnaie de Paris, in charge of striking our hard cash. For this, the institution created in 864 is counting on the growing interest of individuals for gold coins, a rapidly growing activity within the Monnaie de Paris.

“LThe appetite of the French for cash as a store of value, we can see in their attraction to gold collector coins », Assures Mark Schwartz, the boss of the Monnaie de Paris. In 2020, the institution recorded a 15% increase in sales of gold products, allowing the turnover of collector coins to remain at the same level as in 2019, at 46 million euros, while the overall turnover of the company fell by 7% (115 million euros), according to the results presented Wednesday to the board of directors.

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