The model was injected with acid by her father at 2 months old

IndiaIn the spring of 1995, when 2-month-old Anmol Rodriguez was breastfeeding, the father threw acid on the mother and daughter because he was angry that the child was not a boy.

Rodriguez survived, but her mother died and her father was in prison. “I underwent many treatments with a 5-year lifespan in the hospital. No one wanted to adopt a crumpled, wrinkled child. So the doctors and aides looked after me until the day the orphanage took over. “, Rodriguez recalled.

Rodriguez has overcome adversity. Now, the 25-year-old girl has a great influence on social networks with 122,000 followers on Instagram. Rodriguez is a model cooperating with many brands, participating in fashion shows. She participated in the short film “Aunty Ji” as Shabana Azmi, winning the “Best Actress” award at the Cattree Film Festival, 2018.

Anmol Rodriguez is currently a famous model and speaker in India. Image: Medium

Rodriguez has experienced many failures, but instead of gnawing in suffering, she struggled to rise and find a way to get rid of the tragedy. Her childhood in the orphanage was quite peaceful. “I never realized that I was different until I went to life outside. At the university lecture hall, I faced the stigma for the first time,” she said.

A 15-minute walk from home to school, she was resigned to the unfriendly gazes and whispers of passersby. Rodriguez was depressed and dropped out of school. Then a teacher helped Rodriguez make a positive change. “She taught me to focus on myself, set personal goals, instead of thinking about people. That teacher also helped me graduate from college, find a job,” Rodriguez said.

The girl with a deformed face due to acid burns graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and quickly found a job in a private enterprise. However, she was fired because of the distraction of her colleagues. “I got the message ‘no longer show up at work.’ They didn’t even give me a reason. A few days later, I demanded and found out that my face was causing my colleague’s grief,” Rodriguez said. At that moment, a fire flared from the inside, prompting her to stand up. Rodriguez decided to take control of his own life instead of blaming adversity.

“I was the first person to survive the acid attack, daring to share photos on social networks. Facebook was popular at the time and my friends were not supportive of this idea. However, I received a response. positive response, “recalls Rodriguez. After that, she was invited by brands and designers to participate in fashion shows. Rodriguez’s Instagram is followed and she is starting to become an influencer. “I do not feel worried. Although people make teasing, bad comments, I always keep in mind that this is a virtual space and not let them hurt”, shared Rodriguez.

Currently, Anmol Rodriguez is the president of an acid-splashing assistance organization, with the mission of helping the unlucky people to overcome adversity and rebuild their lives. “Acid is a poison that destroys our faces, but cannot destroy our souls,” said Rodriguez.

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