The mob looted, set fire to LG factory in South Africa

An LG TV and monitor factory was looted and set on fire by protesters.

LG said its TV manufacturing and distribution plant in the eastern South African city of Durban burned down after a riot. According to the Korea Herald, protesters related to the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma set fire to the factory on July 12.

Fortunately, LG is sad about him 1

Group of extremists at LG factory in South Africa Photo: JoongAng.

The Korean Embassy in South Africa said about 90 rioters broke into the factory at 1am on July 12 (local time) to steal products, then 120 others at 2am. Many videos on the Internet showed that while the fire was burning inside, many people carried TV boxes and household appliances out of the factory.

“We informed the Korean Embassy, ​​asking the local government to mobilize forces to put out the fire. However, we received a response that it was difficult to mobilize firefighters because the protesters were already present in the area. factory,” an LG executive said.

“The looters took away many products, equipment and supplies. By the afternoon of the same day, they set fire to the factory,” a source from JoongAng said.

LG factory in Durban was built with the least investment 20 million USD, which mainly produces TVs and computer monitors. According to the Yonhap, LG moved its Johannesburg factory to Durban in 2020, about 100 workers are working.

The Korean company said the fire did not cause any casualties, but it is difficult to estimate property damage due to the unstable political situation in South Africa. The company has not yet decided to relocate, recall or rebuild the factory.

Fortunately, LG is sad about him 2

LG could not estimate the damage caused by the factory fire. Photo: The Korea Times.

Riots in South Africa took place wider after the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma. July 13, Business Korea reported that a Samsung warehouse in KwaZulu-Natal province was broken into and robbed by extremists. Samsung also has a factory in Durban that has not been vandalized due to its proximity to the airport and security facilities.

In Durban, a series of Korean shops and businesses such as wig factories were also looted. After the incident, the Korean Embassy in South Africa warned citizens to ensure their own safety.

According to the Zing/Korea Herald

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