The Mission: the tamed savage

Sumptuously filmed and performed by Tom Hanks, the Netflix western stretches slowly.

Poor Tom Hanks. Paul Greengrass offers him the lead role of his new film and not only does he not find himself in the shoes of a flattering hero à la Jason Bourne, but he flanks him for two hours the company of a three-quarter-wild kid who speaks only Kiowa (an Indian ethnic group), eats with his fingers and spends his time wanting to escape. Worse, he sits on a bumpy cart on stony roads most of the time, which is surely not very good for his 60-year-old vertebrae. But apart from these drawbacks, what a gift this character of Jefferson Kyle Kidd is! Captain of the defeated Southern army, this sober and modest character has postponed for five years the moment when he will have to return home where his wife no longer awaits him, who died while he was fighting the Federals. Fleeing his future, he crosses Texas to read newspaper news to illiterate townspeople in San Antonio, Houston, Austin… He takes the matter to heart: he

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