The Mission: carriage journey among the Indians

CRITICAL – Paul Greengrass abandons the frenzy of Jason Bourne to magnify the wild laws of the West.

Basically, it was cheaper than the internet. Ten cents was the price to hear Tom Hanks read the papers aloud. In 1870, Captain Kidd, a former Confederate, crisscrossed Texas to bring the news to more or less illiterate crowds. The various facts are declaimed in her baritone voice – one would recognize her with closed eyes. It would be a shame not to keep them open to admire The mission, this epic, dark, inspired western.

The man seems to have a lot on his heart. The war apparently left him with only good memories. This veteran will see his life turned upside down by the discovery of a black lynch and an abandoned 10-year-old girl. She is twice orphaned, since her parents were massacred by the Indians who raised her and who were in turn killed.

Their solitudes unite, rub against each other like two flints

The man has a mission: to bring the little one back to what remains of his family. From here to San Antonio it is 800 kilometers. She only speaks Kiowa. Its old name was Cigale.

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