The Ministry of Sports opens an investigation into the inappropriate behavior of a supervisor of the FFF

The Ministry of Sports announced this Friday, December 4 an administrative investigation to understand how a supervisor dismissed in 2012 by the French Football Federation (FFF) for text messages moved to a minor was able to continue to take care of young people in the Drôme and in Ardèche.

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Revealed by “L’Equipe”, this investigation was opened following an article published in the daily, recounting the career of this supervisor who is currently the subject of a preliminary investigation, for facts distinct from what had earned him his dismissal in 2012.

Licensed “for fault” in 2012

The FFF confirmed this dismissal to AFP “For fault in June 2012”, after the management of the National Football Institute (INF) in Clairefontaine had learned of an inappropriate text.

But justice had not been seized. “The parents of the teenager did not lodge a complaint and none of the elements collected during the investigations being such as to justify a report by the Federation to the judicial authorities, the facts mentioned not being able to characterize a criminal offense”, explained the FFF.

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Asked by “the Team”, the former supervisor of the INF qualified the text messages sent “Messages of tenderness that have been taken out of context”. The supervisor then went to work elsewhere, in a club in Drôme, then in Ardèche.

The FFF explains that it can only refuse a license in the event of “Criminal conviction that has become final” or from “Sanction for non-compliance with administrative and sports regulations pronounced by a commission of the federation”, which is not the case.

A preliminary investigation opened

The Privas prosecutor’s office confirmed to AFP a preliminary investigation, without specifying its exact reason. “L’Equipe” claims that it relates to suspicions of sexual assault on a minor between 2016 and 2018 while the man worked for the Drôme club, which separated from it and did not respond to requests from AFP.

He has been employed since summer 2019 by a club located in Ardèche. Asked by AFP, the president of FC Rhône Vallées in La Voulte-sur-Rhône, Yves Jacquier said he was “Partially” warned by his former club, ” several months “ after being hired that this club “Had dismissed him because he was a player’s agent and he had weighed guys in underwear”.

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“We took precautions, we never left him alone with the children and we warned him. We are in the process of interviewing children and parents but to date we have not observed any behavioral anomalies ”, he added, specifying that a “Separation procedure (was) in progress” with this employee.

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