The Ministry of Health takes care of doctors who quit their jobs

The Ministry of Health noted that some medical staff voluntarily quit their positions, do not fully perform their assigned tasks, and may consider depriving them of the right to use their practice certificates.

In early August, the Ministry of Health asked localities to ensure regular medical examination and treatment in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak. However, there are still “medical practitioners who voluntarily quit their positions and fail to fully perform their assigned responsibilities and tasks”.

Therefore, on September 6, the Ministry of Health proposed the Department of Health to ensure human resources to work at medical examination and treatment facilities, to have a plan to arrange suitable human resources, to prevent infection situations requiring medical isolation. For doctors and nurses who have made many contributions to epidemic prevention and control as well as medical examination and treatment activities, it is necessary to praise and reward; and at the same time supervise and correct the management of medical practitioners at medical examination and treatment establishments.

“The case of voluntarily quitting or violating the regulations on professional ethics sent to the Ministry of Health will be considered for administrative discipline or deprived of the right to use the practice certificate,” according to the Ministry of Health.

ICU nurses, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases took advantage of sleeping fatigue during a night shift at the end of May. Photo:Hospital provides

In fact, there have been losses to frontline doctors in recent times. According to statistics of the Vietnam Health Trade Union, from the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 to August 9, more than 2,300 health workers were infected while working, three died, including two in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Binh Duong. , in the fight against Covid-19.

Up to now, more than 16,000 doctors and nurses from the North and China have come to the southern epidemic center to provide support. In addition to facing infection, doctors and nurses are also under heavy psychological pressure when patients are overcrowded, rapidly worsening, and have a high mortality rate; lack of equipment, machinery and protective gear; eat, drink, sleep…

Experts say that there should be separate policies for frontline health workers such as toxic allowances, work intensity, overtime …

The total number of community infections from April 27 to now is 532,491, recorded in 62 provinces.

Le Nga